Don't Fall Behind: How to Learn Now What Is Needed Tomorrow?

Don't Fall Behind: How to Learn Now What Is Needed Tomorrow?

The speed of inventing new technologies is continuously accelerating. The things that are considered state-of-the-art this year might already be obsolete the next year. In order to do our jobs, especially in our branch, we must be prepared for the future and we should know what lies ahead. During this presentation we will not focus on telling you why gaining knowledge is an important issue, since you probably are already aware of this, but we will show you what the effects of knowledge have on us as a human being, how we can learn things more efficient and how to share them with others. We will also dive into the deep pits called exams and why failing an exam might actually be more beneficial for you then passing it...

This is a joint talk of Joshua Thijssen and Stefan Koopmanschap


Stefan Koopmanschap

April 18, 2012