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Level Up Your Team (PHPAmersfoort January 2016)

Level Up Your Team (PHPAmersfoort January 2016)

As a tech lead, team lead or other senior-level member of a development team, you may at any time run into the problem where you want your team members to improve themselves, but you have a hard time actually pushing your team members in the right direction. This talk will help you with practical tips and tricks and examples on how to get developers to push themselves to their limits and level up.

Stefan Koopmanschap

January 12, 2016

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  1. Level Up Your Team

  2. Who is this guy?

  3. Who are you?

  4. The problem

  5. Try to find good developers

  6. Try to find good developers Ensure they stay good

  7. None
  8. Learning

  9. Continuous Learning

  10. How do we learn?

  11. Knowledge sessions

  12. Usergroups

  13. Conferences

  14. Trainings

  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. Small Controlled Experiments

  19. Small Controlled Experiments http://verraes.net/2014/03/small-controlled-experiments/

  20. Code kata

  21. Pair programming

  22. Code reviews

  23. Documentation

  24. Documentation · RTFM

  25. Documentation · RTFM · WTFM

  26. None
  27. Mentoring

  28. Mentoring https://app.phpmentoring.org/

  29. More?

  30. Motivation

  31. People need to want it

  32. YOU need to show you want it

  33. Personal Development Plan

  34. Invest money

  35. Invest time

  36. Enable

  37. People leave

  38. None
  39. None
  40. Do not be scared of people leaving

  41. Be afraid they don't learn and stay

  42. Level Up Your Team http://joind.in/16718

  43. @skoop http://leftontheweb.com/