Grid Systems And Android: DroidKaigi 2019

Ad94879495e21b7362d0d2c845f44bc0?s=47 Soham Mondal
February 07, 2019

Grid Systems And Android: DroidKaigi 2019

This talk was delivered at DroidKaigi 2019, a link to the video will be shared once it is ready.

A grid system is at core of any standard, objective design and yet most android applications (and mobile applications in general) fail to pick up on this. In this talk, I talk about the grid system and why its so important for design in general and on android in particular.

Talk structure
- What is the grid?
- Why is it so important for design?
- Evolution of the grid
- Grid in print design, on the web and elsewhere
- The typographic grid
- Grid on mobile and android
- Material design guidelines
- Material design keylines, metrics, typographic grid
- Examples: With and without the grid
- Key takeaways for android/mobile designers, best practice on android
- Some tools to help with your design: keyline pushing, designer tools


Soham Mondal

February 07, 2019