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Guide to Social Coding

Sorah Fukumori
September 15, 2012

Guide to Social Coding

Sorah Fukumori

September 15, 2012

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  1. This talk may seems promoting an one company I’m thinking

    this talk is not promotion GitHub is tool to code socially, right? DISCLAIMER
  2. 2 But, don’t forget to create & checkout It’s not

    required, but recommended. TOPIC BRANCH
  3. komagata/lokka #90 if wp:post_type is not post, page or attachment,

    variable model will be nil, and it makes NoMethodError at line 55.
  4. komagata/lokka #121 Some people (including me!) can't move (from WordPress)

    to Lokka because there is no custom permalink feature… :(
  5. Flow at sinsai.info Create issue on redmine Push topic branch

    Redmine status: “Waiting to merge” Confirm & Merge
  6. Flow at sinsai.info I didn’t know we can send Pull

    Request in the same repository then…
  7. if you’re paying money to GitHub (but students can get

    micro account at free, ͏Β΍·͍͠ͳ͋)