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Day1-1510-Totsukawa: After the heavy rainfall disaster

September 01, 2017

Day1-1510-Totsukawa: After the heavy rainfall disaster


September 01, 2017

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  1. TO T S U K AWA : A F T

    E R T H E H E AV Y R A I N FA L L D I S A S T E R Y U I C H I R O N I S H I M U R A * , O S M F J , O S G E O J P, N A R A W O M E N ' S U N I V E R S I T Y State Of The Map 2017 08/18/2017 at 15:10 AM
  2. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap

    ? • http://hdyc.neis- one.org/?nissyyu • My carrier starts from October, 2010 • Type of Mapper: Great Mapper
  3. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 my OSM C.V. • Human Geographer

    • interests: GIS and society • my mapping activities: mapping newly built neibourhood, campus mapping • Education activity: OpenStreetMap in Nara Women's university
  4. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 gender/age/ability biases of mappers in Japan

    • most of Japanese mappers: male, middle aged, "IT lovers" • few proportion of female mappers • few proportion of elderly/ student mappers • few proportion of disability • OSM can helps diverse needs and maps for each users
  5. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 OSM and geographic education • OSM

    mapping is quite meaningful for geographic education • how to make map • how to use GPS • how to see the place and geographic features by fieldwork • The student also learn the possibility and the limitation of NeoGeographical mapping
  6. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 heavy rainfall disaster occurred in the

    mountainous area of Nara, September 2011 • The heavy rainfall disaster occurred in Kii Peninsular, September 2011 has brought severe damage in the mountainous area of Nara Pref. • Tropical Storm Talas (2011) • The landslides occured on Sep. 3rd. in Totsukawa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ File:Talas_Terra_MODIS_picture_2011-09-02_(High_Definition).jpg
  7. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 Totsukawa village • It takes more

    than 4.5 hours between Totsukawa village (Nara Pref.) and Nara city by public transport (the distance is over 100km). • The largest village in Japan in terms of land area(The total area is 672.35 km²) • several serious damage by heavy rain fall disasters • The heavy rain fall disaster in Meiji-Era (1889) leads the migration of villagers to Hokkaido (to Shin- Totsukawa) Totsukawa village Nara City © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA
  8. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 • The heavy rain falls from

    Talas triggered huge landslides in the village • 6 people died and 6 people are still missing in the village • The main roads also damaged by the landslide and outsider cannot enter the village over several months
  9. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 crisis mapping • Yahoo! Japan/Alps: way

    data (imported in 20th, Aug. 2011) • Bing satellite image (trace) – mainly Coastal area (Shingu to Kushimoto) – no good resolution data in Totsukawa • GSI base map 1:25,000(WMS trace)
  10. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 missing maps in Japan • web

    maps of mountainous area in Japan has low quality by Google Maps • Google Japan uses zoomed map data by Zenrin residential map mainly focused on the urbanized area. • remote area over zoom level 17 have no detailed scale web map • no detailed scale map • detailed scale map IUUQHFPGVTFHFPSFQVCMJDOFUHFPGVTFTIPXUIFNF MBZFSNC@#$'#&"##@
  11. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 • bus station • hotspring stand!!

    • independent convenience store(closed 19:00)
  12. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 After the heavy rainfall disaster •

    6 years have passed from disaster • Reconstruction of the infrastructure(especially road infrastructure) are progressed • The regional population is shrinking continuously and the depopulated areas are expanding. • possibilities of mapping, limits of mapping
  13. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 population of Totsukawa • RESUS: https://resas.go.jp/population-sum/#/graph/

    29/29449/1985/2/9.13271392234524/34.344411355/ 136.1114885 https://resas.go.jp/population-sum/#/graph/29/29449/1985/2/9.13271392234524/34.344411355/136.1114885
  14. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 the memory of the village •

    The village authority is making book of history and geography of Totsukawa • civilization history of Totsukawa • old village office • ancient road and settlements located at not the small flatland near the river but the mountain ridge old village office village office
  15. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 Kumano Kodo • ancient religious roads

    • world heritage • The mapping for global tourism • The mapping for disaster education • living space for villagers
  16. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 photos now and then • The

    photos of small settlements(they have over 250 small settlements in Totsukawa) in 1950-70 are found at Totsukawa museum.
  17. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 photos now and then by drone

    • Over 40 years have passed, it is very severe situation for taking photos from same point and angle. • 47 years
  18. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 photos now and then by drone

    • taking photos by drone cooperation with CERD in Osaka City University
  19. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 The village is now changing •

    KIRIDAS • atelier and craftsman making wood furniture
  20. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 forestry reloaded • KIRIDAS • cafe

    • coffee and light meal • selling wooden goods
  21. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 net-geography and open data in Japan

    wikipedia town open data platform and related internet services used by neo-geographers in Japan local story, qualitative information quoted local facts, qualitative information local fact data, quantitative information diverse map expression, custumable map “open streetview” custumable map, “open my map” “my guide map” • book of history and geography of Totsukawa
  22. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 further issues • supporting OSM community

    building in the village (the practices by the outsider of the damaged area) • publicity of OSM is needed (Google maps have dominant position in Japan). The potential of OSM in mountainous area in Japan is not well known. • field surveys by local resident is needed for keeping the data quality.
  23. 2017.8.18ɹ SotM Aizu-wakamatsu 2017 End. • please ask to •

    nissyyu (OSM account) • [email protected] • @nissyyu (twitter) • http://www.facebook.com/ yuichiro.nishimura