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Day1-1100-How to build up an OSM Community

September 01, 2017

Day1-1100-How to build up an OSM Community


September 01, 2017

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  3. こんにちは Who am I? Anisa Kuci Open Labs Board Member

    OpenStreetMap Contributor Mozilla Contributor
  4. How to build up an OSM community

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  8. (from) extreme collective work

  9. (to) extreme individualism

  10. In a country with a cooperative way of working background

    collaborative software development should be easy right?
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  12. Cultural proposals for making benefit of new-born communities of OpenStreetMap

    • Physical space (through hackerspaces, meetups, events etc) limit potential conflicts + create a positive & productive vibe; • Regional cross-border collaborations rock! • Careful between the balance between paid staff and volunteers; • No gender balance, no community; • There are great resources out there like wiki – use/maintain them (please); • Localization or just tea/pizza might sometimes be a good first step; • Collaborate & communicate with similar communities nearby ; • Nothing less than excellent photos and documentation for all the activities; • Did I mention great design is a must?
  13. Cultural proposals for making benefit of new-born communities of OpenStreetMap

    most important research for cultural elements that might influence the community positively or negatively (example: highly individualist oriented society)
  14. Cultural proposals for making benefit of new-born communities of OpenStreetMap

    (most, most) most important be nice to other people (please)
  15. But... Where are Women in this community?

  16. *A 2002 survey of open source communities found that approximately

    1.1% of contributors were women and the more recent 2013 survey found that 11% of FLOSS contributors are women. *Only 1.5% of free and open source software (FLOSS) developers are female. Women in FLOSS Projects
  17. ◆ Invisibility ◆ Exceptionalism ◆ Gender essentialism and social expectations

    ◆ Sexualized environment Issues
  18. GNOME Outreach Program for Women Opportunities Google Summer of Code

  19. How to encourage new people to be part of the

    community ✔ Recruit Diversity ✔ Create Code of Conduct ✔ Value all contributions ✔ Organize Events/ Conferences
  20. OpenStreetMap in Albania

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  31. OSM Albania meets OSM Belgium at FOSDEM 2017

  32. Working with Field Papers

  33. Working with Field Papers

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  37. OSM infobooth in OSCAL 2017

  38. Anisa Kuci Contact Web: anisakuci.com E-mail: ping@anisakuci.com

  39. THANK YOU!