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Day2-1000-The Sri Lankan government and OSM

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September 01, 2017

Day2-1000-The Sri Lankan government and OSM



September 01, 2017


  1. OSM in Sri Lanka S.Suthakaran, Sri Lanka. ST Consultant, The

    World Bank.
  2. Objectives • Importance of OSM activities in Sri Lanka •

    How does the existing data sharing method work out in Sri Lanka • Capacity of Disaster Management Center(DMC) • How does the Sri Lanka Government motivate the OSM activities and Process the methods • Activities of present OSM community members in Sri Lanka • Improvement and Challenges of OSM
  3. Importance of OSM Activities in Sri Lanka • Data updating

    is a problem in Sri Lanka, OSM is filing the gaps.  DMC could able to use the OSM data for the Pre-disaster and Post Disaster activities.  Manmunai North Municipal Council is using the OSM data to produce the number of maps. (Waste Collection, Numbering the Household ect.)  District Secretariat of Batticaloa is using the OSM data for the planning purpose. (City Planning, Water resource management etc.)  Administration Structure of Sri Lanka is strengthen to carry out the OSM activities.
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  6. OSM Analysis tool supports to DMC

  7. MN Municipal Council

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  9. District Secretariat Batticaloa

  10. Administrative System 9 Provinces 25 Districts 292 DS Divisions 14157

    GN Divisions
  11. How does the Present Data Sharing Method work out in

    Sri Lanka • Data sharing was not available in Sri Lanka before OSM activities initiated. • Data sharing methods are gradually improved in Sri Lanka. • The World Bank Sri Lanka has been initiated a data sharing platform with DMC .
  12. Capacity of Disaster Management Centre • The position of Assistant

    Director of Disaster Management Centre has been appointed by the Government for 25 Districts unit. • DM Activities are being carried out through Ministries, Departments and Public Corporations, Provincial Councils and Local Authority Administrations, District, Division and Grama Niladhari Administrations. • DMC will be directing to; issuing guidelines, facilitating, coordinating, monitoring, where necessary directly implementing or enforcing activities related to:  Hazard mapping and risk assessment, Information and data collection, Research and analysis, Building technology, forecasting, early warning and dissemination.
  13. How does the Sri Lankan Government Motivate the OSM and

    Process the Method • Sri Lankan Government helps to update and improve the Geo –Spatial Data in Sri Lanka. • Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka implements the OSM activities. • District Secretariat facilitates through DS secretariats in collaboration with UNDP Sri Lanka. • DS secretary facilitates through relevant GN Officers and Development officers. • Development officers and Staff of DS Division are collecting the exposure information and entering the data into OSM.
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  15. Activities of present OSM community members in Sri Lanka •

    Forming an open forum (http://lkosm.freeforums.net/) and created FB page to share the knowledge and events of OSM. • Trying to share the benefit of the free map to everyone by converting data to several usable formats like ; Garmin, Navitel, 7Ways etc. • Encourage everyone to share their local Geo-Spatial knowledge via IT and Channels • Actively editing the map to reflect the Country Boundary, Road System, Rivers Waterways such as Lakes and Irrigations Systems, Railway Lines, Electricity Lines Power Stations, Air Ports and Runaways, Forest Boundaries and Sanctuaries, Admin Boundaries, Land usage data and all other POIs.
  16. • Support to OSM Projects • Requesting Imagery • Resolving

    Map-Notes made by others • Knowledge sharing • Prevention of vandalism to the map • Quality Control • Spreading the word of OSM and it’s benefits within the country Continued …
  17. Challenges and Improvement of OSM • High cost of Internet

    Services. • Need of decent Equipment. • Reluctance to accept the new Technology in our Society. • Insufficient up-to-date imagery. • Lack of Media support. • Despite all of above facts “We Sri Lankan” have the best map in the region.
  18. QUESTIONS? THANK YOU Email : karansuthakaran@yahoo.com Contact No : 094777167278