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UX In the City - Be the change you seek

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March 31, 2016

UX In the City - Be the change you seek

Five techniques to help 
you instigate change



March 31, 2016


  1. Be the change you seek Five techniques to help

    ins1gate change
  2. hello
 I’m Spencer @spencerturner

  3. Get to know your team As people – not skills!

  4. TECHNIQUE Eat together! Lunch club, weekly ou<ng, a big table.

  5. TECHNIQUE Pair Interview and present The power of “One interes<ng

    or amusing fact about you!” Exercise Time! (10 Minutes)
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  7. Empower and Trust 
 your team (See the best in

    people.) 2
  8. TECHNIQUE Ask ‘what do you need 
 to do your

    best work’? Then help facilitate that. (Anna Kirah – Making Waves)
  9. TECHNIQUE Repurposing Empathy Maps (idea from Rachel Davies) Exercise Time!

    (10 minutes)
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  11. TECHNIQUE Say ‘I trust you’! It gives the power to

    affect change, 
 and the responsibility to deliver. Simon Cross (hXps:/ /
  12. Celebrate failure (To learn from it.) 3

  13. TECHNIQUE Run a Failure Swapshop! (created by Luke Williams, taught

    to me by Adrian Howard) Exercise Time! (10 minutes) Rules 1. We’re all friends, that celebrate together 2. You only share the lessons learned outside the room
  14. FORMAT 1. Introduce yourself in this way: 
 “Hi my

    name’s X and I failed” 2. EVERYONE CHEERS and CLAPS 3. Explain the failure (personal or professional) 4. Summarise the lesson learned in a few words 5. Everyone cheers and claps again
  15. Communicate Visually 4

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  17. TECHNIQUE How to draw UI
 and other useful items Exercise

    Time! (15 minutes)
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  24. Take the Eme to listen 5

  25. TEDxVictoria - Dave Morris: The Way of Improvisa<on h"ps:/ /

  26. TECHNIQUE The Power of Yes (…and)

  27. Get to know your team as people – not skills!

    Empower and trust your team Celebrate failure to learn from it Communicate visually Take the Eme to listen 3 2 1 4 5
  28. Thank You Any Ques<ons? @spencerturner