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How many hats can you really wear?

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June 09, 2017

How many hats can you really wear?

Final version of my slide deck from Agile in the city: Birmingham, UX in the city: Oxford, Agile Manchester and UXScotland



June 09, 2017


  1. @spencerturner hello
 I’m Spencer @spencerturner

  2. @spencerturner

  3. @spencerturner How many hats
 can you really wear?

  4. @spencerturner

  5. @spencerturner So why this talk?

  6. @spencerturner Context

  7. @spencerturner Warning Signs

  8. @spencerturner Mi1ga1ons

  9. @spencerturner What is a 
 Cross Func1onal Team anyway?

  10. @spencerturner In tradi1onal terms:
 Cross-func*onal teams
 are groups of people

    with different ‘func*onal’ 
 exper*se working toward
 a common goal.
  11. @spencerturner My Understanding of a "lean UX, CF Team”:

    group of people with diverse experiences, skills, views, approaches and expecta*ons 
 coming together to solve
 a problem.
  12. @spencerturner Problems CF Teams aim to solve • Bring diverse

    solu3ons to problems • Bring the right exper3se to bear • Break down organisa3onal silos • Reduce 3me to delivery
  13. @spencerturner To succeed CF teams must: • Be open-minded and

    highly mo3vated. • Be made up from the correct func3onal areas. • Have a strong team leader • Have both authority and accountability • Have enough resources and support • Adequate communica3ons must exist. Paraphrased from: ar2cle
  14. @spencerturner What problems can 
 Cross Func1onal Teams
 some1mes cause?

  15. @spencerturner Business Problems: Nearly 75% of CF teams are dysfunc3onal

    They fail on at least three of five criteria: • Mee3ng a planned budget • Staying on schedule • Adhering to specifica3ons • Mee3ng customer expecta3ons • Maintaining alignment with corporate goals. Paraphrased from:h4ps:/ /
  16. @spencerturner Human problems: • Pressure / Stress / Anger •

    Overload / Inability to cope • Feelings of failure • Feeling you can't say you're struggling • Feeling you're an imposter
  17. @spencerturner Are we all unicorns? hSps:/ /

  18. @spencerturner • UX Designer • Visual Designer • Content Strategist

    • Researcher • FE Developer • BE Developer • Mobile Developer • Client Liaison • Project manager. Not Enough People (On top of this the hidden role of Product Owner)
  19. @spencerturner That's not cross func3onal 
 that's mul3-func3onal dysfunc3onal

  20. @spencerturner Group similar roles 
 so people can focus

  21. @spencerturner Design UX Designer Visual Designer Researcher Prototyper Content Strategist

    Development Prototyper Front End Dev. Back End Dev. Mobile Dev.
 Project Mgmt. Client Liaison Project manager Researcher Content Strategist
  22. @spencerturner Some responsibili3es don't mix. Don’t try and force them.

  23. @spencerturner Comfort Zones

  24. @spencerturner People look at you like you asked them to

    wear this! Philip Treacy
  25. @spencerturner Different Personality Types

  26. @spencerturner Tuckman's stages
 of group development Forming Storming Norming Performing

    (Adjourning, transforming and mourning)
  27. @spencerturner Degrees of comfort
 with uncertainty

  28. @spencerturner Team Uncertainty • Technology choices • Deliverables • Time

    es3mates • Outcomes
  29. @spencerturner Client Uncertainty • Understanding “es3mates” • Words are rela3ve.

  30. @spencerturner Issues

  31. @spencerturner We didn't communicate the scope or get engagement, managing

  32. @spencerturner Tooling • Pick ONE tool for each job •

    Pick tools that allow collabora3on • Explain the tools • Insist on using the tools
  33. @spencerturner Expecta1on SeSng

  34. @spencerturner There is no (clear) product owner!

  35. @spencerturner Product Owner as a supplied role.

  36. @spencerturner When what you thought
 you were doing changes

  37. @spencerturner Talk about the hard stuff

  38. @spencerturner REGULAR RETROSPECTIVES!

  39. @spencerturner There wasn't enough budget (is there ever?)

  40. @spencerturner Budget realis3cally
 for sustainable pace

  41. @spencerturner Chaos, Difficulty, Complexity

  42. @spencerturner No-one has to switch hats
 too oeen

  43. @spencerturner Communica1on Styles

  44. @spencerturner Pressure leads to conflict. Conflict leads to stress. Stress

    leads to suffering.
  45. @spencerturner Awareness!

  46. @spencerturner Create a safe environment

  47. @spencerturner Clarity around who to tell if you’re not happy,

    or ask if you need help
  48. @spencerturner When there’s no soeware experience on the client side.

  49. @spencerturner External Comms. (With client) • Work much, much harder

    than you think you need to. • Agree on language and it's meaning • Be clear and document stuff • Have regular check-ins on understanding • Insist on aYendance and par1cipa1on
  50. @spencerturner Have someone who can 'admin'

  51. @spencerturner People are ‘choosing’
 to wear lots of hats

  52. @spencerturner No-one has to wear lots of hats

  53. @spencerturner No-one has 
 to wear a hat 

    they feel 
  54. @spencerturner Thank You Any Ques1ons? @spencerturner