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React: What Lies Ahead

February 22, 2016

React: What Lies Ahead

React.js Conf 2016


February 22, 2016

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  1. 2. Gestures Maps: pan, pinch, tap, double tap,
 press and

    hold Can’t build this with browser events Goal: Simple component API,
 pure JS
  2. 3. Performance: Making lists fast Windowing: Only render what’s on

    screen Render in chunks: Break up rendering to avoid jank Layout: Avoid unnecessary reflows
  3. What if layout was done in React? Layout information available

    in render() Avoids unnecessary reflows Makes windowing simpler Skip creation of layout-only views Easily build new layout primitives
  4. 1. New project experience Need to set up node, npm,

    gulp, webpack, babel $-vim-app.js
 $-react-run-GGplatform=web-app.js- Goal: Quickly prototype with one file, then
 grow app slowly over time
  5. 3. Data management React setState Flux/Redux Relay Goal: Combine best

    of three, with easy setup
 and code reuse
  6. React today 0.14 now, prod-ready and stable since 2013 React

    15.0 RC next week DOM: Full SVG support, no <span> text wrappers Internal refactors: No more React IDs, 10% faster
  7. React is a growing community 300 react, 600 react-native committers

    in 2015 36,000 GitHub stars 225,000 Chrome users with react-devtools installed Projects: redux, material-ui, react-router, enzyme