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Advanced Angular Design Patterns

Advanced Angular Design Patterns


SQUER Solutions

July 11, 2018


  1. Advanced Angular Design Patterns Košice, 11.07.2018

  2. David Leitner Technical Expert at @dufeit

  3. @dufeit

  4. 7th Law of Computer Programming: Program complexity grows until it

    exceeds the capability of the programmer to maintain it. @dufeit
  5. How sofware appicatons evove over tme

  6. <ng-content/> Root-Component Parent-Component Component Parent-Component <ng-template/> ViewChild Compose Components with

    ng-content Make usage of the Component Injectors Provide reusabe contents by ng-template @dufeit
  7. Smart & Dump Components @dufeit or Presentational and Container Components

  8. Make usage of the Marker Directives <any-element/> ContentChildren Access chidren

    from outside by ContentChildren Access Component Injectors with { read: … } <any-element/> <any-element-one /> Directive <any-element/> ContentChildren Provider read <any-element-two /> Directive @dufeit
  9. TL;DR: Use Composition