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Easy React Native using Expo - SingaporeJS - Mar 2017

Easy React Native using Expo - SingaporeJS - Mar 2017

This is my presentation from Singapore JS on 16th March, 2017. It's about getting started with React Native using Expo.io


Simon Sturmer

March 16, 2017

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  1. Easy React Native using Expo 16th March 2017

  2. I’m Simon JavaScript and React Enthusiast Founder at KodeFox Twitter:

  3. Expo Expo enables you to build high quality native iOS

    and Android applications using React Native and deploy effortlessly. (previously Exponent)
  4. Expo is open source and free and built-on Facebook’s React

  5. Expo Writing an Expo app is like writing a React

    Native app, except you never need to open Android Studio or Xcode and you don’t even need a Mac.
  6. … and deployment is a breeze.

  7. What is React Native Lets’ start with:

  8. React Native •Similar to React on Web but without the

    browser DOM •No HTML, no CSS, no browser •Easy to build Cross Platform
  9. React Native •High performance compared with other cross- platform frameworks

    •Exceptional developer experience compared with native iOS/Android •Easy to get started for web developers
  10. React Web vs React Native

  11. We could do a whole presentation on why React Native

    is awesome. … but this talk is about Expo
  12. Expo Expo is essentially a set of tools around React

    Native. • Creating projects • Easy access to native features (e.g. push notifications) • Building and Running on Devices (!!)
  13. How to Expo 1) Install the XDE on your computer

    (Mac, Win or Linux)
  14. How to Expo 2) Open your favorite editor and hack

    on some code.
  15. How to Expo 3) Send a link to any device.

  16. This is where the Magic happens.

  17. None
  18. We can run a native app effortlessly. (as easy as

    loading a webpage)
  19. Let’s try it now…

  20. The Expo client is like a browser but for native

    mobile apps.
  21. What’s included in the SDK: Everything React Native provides, PLUS:

    • Audio • Simple Push Notifications • QR code reader • Accelerometer • Map View • Video • Camera / Image Picker • SVG • Location services • Social Login
  22. So what about publishing my App?

  23. Publishing Several Options: • Publish on the Exponent platform. •

    Build a standalone app for submitting to the App/Play Store • Detach to get a normal React Native app.
  24. Bonus: you can push OTA updates to your published app.

  25. When to use Expo: Expo is super useful for: •

    Easily sending clients a demo of your app during the early/middle phase of development. • Rapid Prototyping • Learning / Teaching without messing with Xcode or compilation steps
  26. But some people use it throughout the entire dev process.

  27. When to use React Native instead • Expo does NOT

    allow custom native code. • Everything must be written in JS and use the features provided in the Expo SDK • If you need to write custom native code, detach and use React Native.
  28. Thanks for Listening! simon@kodefox.com github.com/sstur @sstur_