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Life after jQuery

Life after jQuery

How Yell removed jQuery from its mobile site, and how it changed how we develop our JS. First presented at Oxford Geek Night 40

Steve Workman

May 13, 2015

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  1. Steve Workman • London Web Standards Organiser • Lead UI

    Engineer @ Yell @steveworkman @webstandards
  2. @leonardogrecoLG #Vintage or what? This @yell #BOOK was delivered @7.30am!

    Haven’t seen one in ages. Goes well with the period phone! “
  3. Smartphone != Xbox Flagship mobile phones aren’t up to 1/3

    of the power of last- gen consoles Kraken 1.1 (lower is better) Samsung Galaxy S6 – 3993ms My laptop – 1043ms jQuery is significantly slower than native code http://jsperf.com/comparing- jquery-and-native-js/11 https://jsperf.com/jquery-vs- native-element-performance
  4. Bugs • IE10 doesn’t support dataset – use .getattribute(data-prop) •

    Jasmine-jQuery (fixtures) – clash of namespace • Re-named $ to QSA – complete re-write • Lots of complex logic, .bind/$.proxy • It’s not simple, bugs happen