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Practice Safe DevOps

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November 18, 2016

Practice Safe DevOps

For too long Enterprise customers have felt left-out of the Cloud/PaaS party for developer tooling, but no more! Self-service development PaaS is now a possibility even for the Enterprise, with secure, integrated, on premise solutions from Red Hat and GitHub, delivered by Arctiq. Due to increased security, compliance, and regulatory demands many organizations have felt that developer portals and automated development pipelines are simply out of reach. GitHub Enterprise and Red Hat's OpenShift Enterprise are two important components that help address these requirements.



November 18, 2016


  1. Practice Safe DevOps Practice Safe DevOps Developer Tooling for the

    Enterprise Nov 16, 2016
  2. EVENT AGENDA Introductions GitHub Enterprise OpenShift Container Platform 5 minute

    break Integrated Pipelines & Deployment Lifecycles Security Integrated Pipelines Wrap-up Q&A Drinks/Social
  3. //safe devops

  4. //safe devops

  5. //safe devops

  6. //safe devops

  7. //safe devops YOUR services, under YOUR control WHERE you need

    them WHEN you need them HOWEVER you want them
  8. //tech tools Develop Collaborate Protect

  9. GitHub Enterprise Why? Architecture Key Highlights

  10. //why? “your organization's private copy of GitHub contained within a

    virtual machine” All transferred and stored data is under your control You are protected against public outages Or user error
  11. //why? “your organization's private copy of GitHub contained within a

    virtual machine” All transferred and stored data is under your control You are protected against public outages Or user error
  12. //architecture GitHub Enterprise VM Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff

  13. //architecture OpenShift Container Platform GitHub Enterprise OAuth WebHook Sample Project

    Dev Jenkins myapp Sample Project QA myapp.qa OAuth Build updates Chat Project Prod rocket chat hubot
  14. DEMO GitHub Enterprise

  15. OpenShift Container Platform Why? Architecture OCP 3.3 Highlights

  16. //why?

  17. //why?

  18. //what is openshift • A secure multi-tenant distribution of Kubernetes

    • Optimized for team software development and deployment • Able to create and deploy applications in seconds • And run and support all of the stateful parts of an application • Developer Web UI • Build/Deployment Workflow (S2I, registy) • Full stack templates & images • Logging, metrics, & auth • Policies and tooling • SDN/Network Isolation • Automated routing layers For the Business For the Developers and Operations Teams
  19. //openshift architecture

  20. //management interfaces

  21. //management interfaces

  22. //ocp 3.3 updates Kubernetes 1.3 & Docker 1.10 CI /

    CD Pipelines based on Jenkins Pipelines in alpha Application configuration and management improvements Web Console navigation & usability Add to Project from Docker image or template via Web Console A/B deployment routing configuration Significant performance improvements Improvements in image management and updates to Registry 2.4 Better debugging of applications in the web console and CLI Idling / unidling of applications Kerberos CLI support and improved security, authorization, and OAuth tools Improvements in scheduling - affinity, anti-affinity, and more
  23. BREAK

  24. DEMO Pipeline Platform Integration & Lifecycle Management

  25. Pipeline Security Integration

  26. //blackduck and openscap OpenSCAP Profile driven compliance policy engine Vendor

    vulnerability data is only one part of component policy Integrated directly with RedHat Atomic, Satellite, CloudForms Black Duck Hub integration Broad vulnerability data for most open source components Addresses vulnerability, license compliance, and operational risk Integration with Red Hat and other developer tooling (ie. Jenkins) Containerized instances available, as well as simple cli tooling
  27. //security and vulnerability reporting

  28. //sample pipeline flow GitHub Enterprise OCP Build Jenkins Pipeline Black

    Duck Hub Scan OCP Deploy CloudForms OpenSCAP git push OCP Scale CloudForms Monitoring webhook pipeline plugin hub plugin API event notificatio n pipeline plugin pipeline plugin API event notificatio n Feedback loop (ie: issues, PR notes, tags, etc)
  29. DEMO Pipeline Security Integration

  30. WHAT’S NEXT? Some of Our Ideas ChatOps and Automated Workflows?

    Day 2 Operations for OpenShift Container Platform OpenShift for Developers 1-day Starter Workshop Mobile Platform Development with OpenShift (MBaaS… yeah) What do YOU want to see?