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be ready for WATCH — Core Bluetooth 101

be ready for WATCH — Core Bluetooth 101

Blitz Talk I gave at #NSSpain. I would love to give it as a long talk (in Spanish, English, French or German) if you invite me to your conference!


  1. How to be cooler than W ATCH? NOTE TO SELF:

    Presenter Display showing notes and TIME?!
  2. How to be as cool as W ATCH? Core Bluetooth

    in 5 minutes @stuffmc Pomcast.biz
  3. Core Bluetooth Since iOS 5 and OS X 10.7 Yet

    another Universal API Since iPhone 4S and iPad 3 Let’s hope it works on THE watch…
  4. Concepts CBCentral (Client) Wants Data CBPeripheral (Server) Has Data

  5. None
  6. Discover Peripherals Phone looking for Watch central = CBCentralManager(delegate: self,

    queue: nil) func centralManagerDidUpdateState(central: CBCentralManager!) { if central.state == .PoweredOn { central?.scanForPeripheralsWithServices(nil, options: nil) } } func centralManager(central: CBCentralManager!, 
 didDiscoverPeripheral peripheral: CBPeripheral!, 
 advertisementData: [NSObject : AnyObject]!, RSSI: NSNumber!) { central.connectPeripheral(peripheral, options: nil) central.stopScan() } Heart Rate Monitor
  7. Discover Services developer.bluetooth.org/Pages/default.aspx func centralManager(central: CBCentralManager!, 
 didConnectPeripheral peripheral: CBPeripheral!)

    { peripheral.delegate = self peripheral.discoverServices(nil) } func peripheral(peripheral: CBPeripheral!, didDiscoverServices error: NSError!) { for service in peripheral.services { peripheral.discoverCharacteristics(nil, forService: service as CBService) } } Heart Rate Measurement Body Sensor Location
  8. Discover Characteristics developer.bluetooth.org func peripheral(peripheral: CBPeripheral!, didDiscoverCharacteristicsForService service: CBService!, error:

    NSError!) { for char in service.characteristics { peripheral.writeValue(data, 
 forCharacteristic: char, type: .WithoutResponse) // e.g. “Turn LED ON” (sending 0x1) peripheral.readValueForCharacteristic(characteristic: char) // e.g. Body Sensor Location peripheral.setNotifyValue(true, forCharacteristic: char) // e.g. Heart Rate Measurement } } func peripheral(peripheral: CBPeripheral!, 
 didUpdateValueForCharacteristic characteristic: CBCharacteristic!, 
 error: NSError!) { }
  9. Now go create an car App! @stuffmc ObjCGN.com