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My God, it's full of jobs!

My God, it's full of jobs!

My personal story about changing from an employee, to a freelancer and then to a start-up worker. Why working in a start-up is now much more attractive than it was before? Where are all the jobs anyway?

Zaharenia Atzitzikaki

December 10, 2012

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  1. My God, it’s full of jobs! OpenCoffee Heraklion, December 2012

  2. My God, it’s full of jobs! OpenCoffee Heraklion, December 2012

  3. My story

  4. None
  5. None
  6. Mistake #1 No clients

  7. Mistake #2 No projects

  8. Mistake #3 No money

  9. None
  10. Some tips

  11. Tip #1 Connect

  12. Find your peers. E-mail them.

  13. Create networks, not cliques.

  14. Be there. Don’t be everywhere.

  15. Tip #2 Get involved

  16. Get yourself out there.

  17. Learn. Help others learn.

  18. Don’t be a jackass.

  19. Tip #3 Act now

  20. The “perfect moment” does not exist.

  21. Your life. Only one chance at it.

  22. You must create your dream job.

  23. Opportunities

  24. If you work on the web and you complain about

    the financial crisis, you do something wrong. Thanos Papavasileiou UpNorth Conference
  25. Five years ago Limited options

  26. Either work in corporate or freelance.

  27. Few start-ups.

  28. Limited funding options.

  29. Today Options galore

  30. Think global.

  31. Freelance. Work in a start-up. Sell digital goods.

  32. OpenFund II

  33. Hard work.

  34. Jobs? They’re out there!

  35. Facebook link to group FACEBOOK.COM/GROUPS/ STARTUP.JOBS.GR

  36. Start-ups

  37. None
  38. Workable helps companies manage their entire hiring process online. http://workablehr.com

  39. None
  40. Nikos CEO

  41. Nikos CEO Spyros CTO

  42. Nikos CEO Spyros CTO Giannis Developer

  43. Nikos CEO Spyros CTO Giannis Developer Zaharenia Designer

  44. None
  45. Myrto Account Manager

  46. Myrto Account Manager Welcome!

  47. None
  48. Working in a start-up

  49. Find it. Believe it.

  50. Start-ups != old-school corporate

  51. Teamwork is everything.

  52. Flexibility

  53. Satisfaction

  54. Looking for a job? We’re hiring!


  56. Thank you! You’re awesome. Zaharenia Atzitzikaki (@sugarenia) UI designer http://sugarenia.com

    • http://workablehr.com