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Eight Principles of Information Architecture

Eight Principles of Information Architecture

Presentation based on the Dan Brown's Eight Principles of Information Architecture. When I first learn about these principles, I found them so inspiring that I felt that I had to represent them visually.
More info: https://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Aug-10/AugSep10_Brown.pdf


Susana Gonzalez Ruiz

March 01, 2015



  2. 1 Different content has different attributes. Identify all the content

    types (images, text, videos, pages, posts...) and treat them as an evolving thing with its own lifecycle, behaviors and structure. The Principle of Objects
  3. Keep your options focused. Too many options overwhelm people, being

    more difficult to make a decision. 2 The Principle of Choices
  4. Present information in layers. Limit the information to allow people

    to better absorb it. Show only enough information to help people understand what they need. 3 Show the information progressively. The Principle of Disclosure
  5. Display examples instead of abstract concepts. Using examples to represent

    each category helps users to understand the category’s contents better than any description. Garden & Tools 4 The Principle of Exemplars
  6. Treat every page of your site as a Landing Page.

    Tell visitors where they are and what other related content they can find in your site. 5 The Principle of Front Doors
  7. 6 Incorporate different classification schemes. People have different ways of

    looking for information. Cities Films Monuments The Principle of Multiple Classification
  8. Do not mix different navigational systems. You cam use more

    than one system, but each should be focused on one way to navigate. 7 The Principle of Focused Navigation
  9. Organize your content in a way that allows it to

    grow over time. Consider what content may be added in the future without the need to redesign the entire structure. 8 The Principle of Growth
  10. PRESENTATION BY: sugoru.com SOURCES: @sugorue sugoru Dan Brown "Eight Principles

    of Information Architecture" Images: Freepik.com