Ten Deployments Per Day 2019-03-21

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March 21, 2019

Ten Deployments Per Day 2019-03-21

Ten Deployments Per Day
March 21, 2019

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March 21, 2019


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    at the 2009 Velocity conference, John Allspaw and Paul Hammond

    gave the seminal “10 Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr” presentation 2016
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    “How long would it take your organization to deploy a

    change that involved just one single line of code? Do you do this on a repeatable, reliable basis?” Jez Humble - October 2012
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    Jez Humble - March 2017 'Risk Management Theater' Processes that

    are designed to give the appearance of having effectively managed risk while actually making things worse People signing bits of paper that said they did something, so that when something goes wrong they can say 'Look I did my job -- this piece of paper says so -- so it wasn't my fault’
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    easier to understand easier to QA easier to troubleshoot easier

    to rollback Small incremental deployments
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    The biggest thing I fear right now is our own

    inability to move fast enough. It wakes me up at night to think about “Are we moving fast enough?” because the world is moving so fast HBC CEO Helena Foulkes March 2019
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    One common pitfall for large organizations – one that hurts

    speed and inventiveness – is “one-size-fits-all” decision making amazon.com 2016 Letter to Shareholders
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    As organizations get larger, there seems to be a tendency

    to use […] heavy-weight […] decision-making process on most decisions. The end result of this is slowness amazon.com 2016 Letter to Shareholders
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    Never use a one-size-fits-all decision-making process. Many decisions are reversible,

    two-way doors. Those decisions can use a light-weight process. amazon.com 2016 Letter to Shareholders
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    Jez Humble - March 2017 “High performers achieve high throughput

    and high stability And that is true across all different domains, including financial services and government”