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Lucille Brown: Open Data, Smart Cities and The Scottish Cities Alliance

April 29, 2015

Lucille Brown: Open Data, Smart Cities and The Scottish Cities Alliance


April 29, 2015

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  1. Sco$sh  Ci*es  Alliance   Seven  Ci(es:  ge,ng  smarter    

    Lucille  Brown   Na*onal  Future  Ci*es  Development  Manager     Local  Open  Data:  Reaping  the  Benefits   Manchester  21st  April  2015  
  2. In  10  –  15  minutes…   •  What  is  the

     Sco$sh  Ci*es  Alliance?   •  Why  collaborate?   •  City  Investment  Plans  and  City  Deals   •  Smart  Ci*es   -­‐  Smart  Ci*es  Readiness  Self-­‐Assessment   -­‐  The  Plan   -­‐  Open  Data  ambi*ons   •  Bringing  our  Alliance  work-­‐streams  together   •  Playing  to  Scotland’s  advantage   •  Future  City  Glasgow    
  3. What  is  the  Sco$sh  Ci*es  Alliance?   •  Formed  within

     Agenda  for  Ci*es,  December  2011     •  Opera*onal  Plan   -­‐  Infrastructure   -­‐  Low  Carbon   -­‐  Smart  Ci*es   •  Promo*ng  Investment   -­‐  Provide  a  focal  point  for  investors  in  ci*es   -­‐  Facilitate  private  and  public  sector  investment   -­‐  Promote  a  consistent  message  about  the  benefits  of   inves*ng  in  Scotland’s  ci*es    
  4. Why  Collaborate?   •  Compe*ng  Globally   •  Opportuni*es  of

     Scale   “A  Scotland  where  our  ci2es  and  their  regions  power   Scotland’s  economy  for  the  benefit  of  all”  
  5. City  Investment  Plans  &  City  Deals   •  £10  billion

     of  investment  opportunity  across  the  7   Sco$sh  Ci*es   •  Areas  for  collabora*on  on  infrastructure:   1. Residen(al   2. Commercial   3. Transport   4. Digital   5. City  Centre  Regenera(on  
  6. Smart  Ci*es   “The  Smart  City  can  be  defined  as

     the   integra2on  of  data  and  digital  technologies  into   a  strategic  approach  to  sustainability,  ci2zen   well-­‐being  and  economic  development”.  
  7. Smart  Ci*es  Self-­‐Assessment   •  Design  a  Smart  Ci*es  investment

     programme   iden*fying  future  project  priori*es  suppor*ng   delivery  of  City  Investment  Plans   -  Enabling  investment   -  Planned  technology  applica*ons     -  Explora*on  of  how  best  delivered:  through  collabora*on   across  ci*es  or  local  development   •  A  roadmap  linking  this  to  funding  and  finance   -­‐  In  first  instance,  ERDF  Strategic  Interven*on  ‘Scotland’s  8th   City  –  the  Smart  City’     -­‐  £10  million  across  7  ci*es  
  8. The  Plan   •  Sco$sh  Government  appointed  specialist  consultants  

    to  take  forward  the  work  in  June  2014   •  August  2014  –  development  of  self-­‐assessment  tool   •  September  /  October  2014  –  suppor*ng  the  7  ci*es  in   comple*ng  the  self-­‐assessment     •  November  /  December  2014  –  analyse  assessments   and  prepare  investment  roadmap   •  March  2015  –  ERDF  applica*on  
  9. Dimension" Outline" Strategic Intent ! ! Successful smart cities have

    a strategy and roadmap setting out how investment in data & digital technologies enables service reform and partner collaboration. An effective strategy focuses on delivering improved outcomes aligned to the city’s strategic priorities." Data ! ! Successful smart cities make effective use of their data assets to secure better outcomes. They invest in system-wide data capture, integration and analytics capabilities. Open data underpins their commitment to transparency and innovation." " Technology ! ! Successful smart cities invest in open, flexible, integrated and scalable ICT architectures that enable accelerated service innovation such as provision of automated and real-time dynamic response capabilities." Governance & Service Delivery Models ! ! Successful smart cities adapt traditional organisational models of delivery to realise the opportunities of data and digital technologies. They invest in system-wide partnership models focused on shared outcomes." Citizen & Business Engagement ! ! Successful smart cities make best use of data and digital technologies to invest in enhanced openness and transparency. Citizen & business engagement and stakeholder ownership of service reform is central within a smart city. Smart cities are proactive in improving take up of digital services while supporting the digitally excluded." Methodology: Smart Cities Maturity Model
  10. Methodology: Smart Cities Maturity Model City Mgt Status: Sustainable and

    Open ‘System of Systems’ Smart City Status: Continuously adaptive city-wide ‘smart’ deployment Outcome: City-wide open ‘system of systems’ approach drives innovation that enhances city competitiveness City Mgt Status: Managed System Smart City Status: Technology and data enabled dynamic sense and response systems Outcome: Improved prediction, prevention and real-time response delivers improved outcomes Managed City Mgt Status: System Integration Smart City Status: Strategy led and outcome driven, enabled by system wide technology investment Outcome: Shared accountability for outcomes and joint system- wide investment programme Repeatable City Mgt Status: System Collaboration Smart City Status: Holistic system thinking and emergent sharing of data Outcome: Cross boundary partnerships emerging to focus on shared outcomes Ad Hoc City Mgt Status: Siloed Smart City Status: Operation focused digital and data driven service improvement Outcome: Capturing evidence and building business case Optimised Opportunistic 1 2 3 4 5
  11. Potential Examples of Measurements of Success Suggested Input Measures Suggested

    Output Measures ‣  Volume of data captured ‣  Number of datasets shared ‣  Number of datasets integrated ‣  Number of datasets published as open data ‣  Number of datasets analysed ‣  Number of data standards set ‣  Number of sensors installed ‣  Number of variables measured by sensors ‣  Level of data interoperability ‣  Efficiency savings ‣  Improved response times ‣  Increased number of automated real-time responses ‣  Increased citizen input to service design ‣  Number of integrated services ‣  Enhanced innovation measured by: ‣  number of new products/ services delivered (including based on open data) ‣  number of start-ups achieved based on smart cities innovation system ‣  Level of engagement achieved
  12. Open  Data  ambi*ons   •  G8  Open  Data  Charter  2013;

     ci*es  own  open  data   commitments;  Sco$sh  na*onal  level  work   •  Effec*ve  use  of  data  impera*ve  for  all  efforts  going   forward     •  What  is  the  posi*on  in  each  of  the  Alliance’s  7  ci*es?   Aberdeen,  Dundee,  Edinburgh,  Glasgow,  Inverness,  Perth,  S2rling      

    6 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Smart Cities: Key Dimensions
  14. Bringing  the  Sco$sh  Ci*es  Alliance   work-­‐streams  together   • 

    For  example,  Intelligent  Street  Ligh*ng  across   Scotland     -­‐  Infrastructure   -­‐  Low  Carbon   -­‐  Smart  Ci*es     •  Expecta*on  of  standards    
  15. Playing  to  Scotland’s  advantage   •  Demonstra*on  of  Sco$sh  level

     alignment,   collabora*on  and  inclusiveness     •  Allowing  shared  learning  between  Sco$sh  ci*es  –   achieving  scale,  bigger  market  for  roll  out  of  solu*ons,   increasing  aerac*veness  of  Sco$sh  ci*es  as  partners   •  Encourage  concentra*on  of  funding  at  Sco$sh,  UK   and  EU  level  around  major,  common  priori*es   •  Investment  planning  process  allows  longer  term,   strategic  mapping  of  appropriate  opportuni*es   against  key  projects  and  ambi*ons  
  16. 18

  17. Overview of OPEN Glasgow City Data Hub • Cloud-Computing/Big Data scale

    data storage • Automated publication from smart devices and business applications • Automated workflow (e.g. approvals) • Big Data Analytics (e.g. Hadoop/Machine Learning) OPEN Glasgow • Data Store (372 datasets) – data.glasgow.gov.uk • City Dashboard – dashboard.glasgow.gov.uk • Map Store – map.glasgow.gov.uk • App Store – open.glasgow.gov.uk/apps • Sensor Store - open.glasgow.gov.uk/sensors • Data Stories – open.glasgow.gov.uk
  18. Benefits TRANSPARENCY   FOI   Financial  savings   INSIGHT  

    Market  Insight   Strategic   Planning  Insight   BeKer  Outcomes   Economic   Growth   ENGAGEMENT   Community   Planning   Community   Empowerment   Community   Engagement   BeKer  Outcomes   SERVICE  REFORM   Targeted  Service   Delivery   Proac*ve  Service   Delivery   Joined-­‐Up   Service  Delivery   Financial  Savings   INNOVATION   Open  Innova*on   Co-­‐Design   BeKer  Outcomes   Economic   Growth  
  19. Contact  Us   Lucille  Brown   Na*onal  Future  Ci*es  Development

     Manager   Sco$sh  Ci*es  Alliance     E:  lucille.brown@sco$shci*es.org.uk   W:  www.sco$shci*es.org     Twieer:  @sco$shci*es