Team Management — Startup Camp Berlin 2014

Team Management — Startup Camp Berlin 2014

Monterail helps startups around the globe launch their businesses online bringing high-profiled Ruby and JavaScript development skills catalysed by strong product and UX design expertise. Currently with 27 people on the deck and 2 offices in Poland as an organisation we are facing many challenges to keep with our core values that we set when we started the company 4 years ago: teamwork and personality.


Szymon Boniecki

March 20, 2014


  1. Team management Szymon Boniecki — @szymo Bartosz Pietrzak — @bartoszpietrzak

    Co-founders, Monterail Startup Camp Berlin 2014
  2. What it’s not going to be about

  3. None
  4. None
  5. What it’s going to be about

  6. How grew from

  7. None
  8. Background

  9. We are a people company

  10. None
  11. Tell a story

  12. Personality vs teamwork

  13. Nuances

  14. Language — mind the gap

  15. You’ll get there and it will hurt

  16. Growing — when to say no

  17. Do something first before delegating

  18. Structuring for diversity

  19. Approach to scaling: replication vs customisation

  20. Culture is decisions

  21. Look at your core values

  22. It's easy to forget your values

  23. Some things will change

  24. Shit will happen

  25. Embrace openness

  26. Think about career paths

  27. Maker’s schedule, manager’s schedule

  28. Make a place

  29. Tools

  30. It’s not your story anymore

  31. Pets are cute

  32. None
  33. None
  34. None
  35. Thank you