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Robot Architecture on Raspberry Pi

6711b98e551cf77257ca33c86b748eec?s=47 Takuma Seno
December 04, 2016

Robot Architecture on Raspberry Pi

Robot architecture on Raspberry Pi with the concept of web architecture.


Takuma Seno

December 04, 2016


  1. Robot Architecture on Raspberry Pi Takuma Seno

  2. Raspberry Pi is a rich computer Linux machine with a

    1.2GHz quad-core processor
  3. Microservice Architecture modern web architecture frontend service service service client

    http http
  4. Microprocess Architecture Raspberry Pi is capable to construct microprocess architecture

    core process process process app pipe pipe
  5. None
  6. Merits of microprocess architecture • easy to extend hardwares •

    easy to develop with teammates • easy to test each process • easy to make asynchronous system • easy to make simulator
  7. Asynchronous Communication app core face detection voice recognition simultaneous execution

    get results as callback through stdin
  8. Simulator

  9. Simulator design

  10. Conclusion Concept of web architecture is applicable to robot architecture