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BuddyPress design matters

BuddyPress design matters

BuddyCamp Miami 2013 presentation


Tammie Lister

April 05, 2013


  1. BuddyPress design matters By Tammie Lister

  2. Hi, I’m a community designer

  3. Does BuddyPress design matter to me?

  4. The backstory

  5. Social network != community = eh?

  6. tsloww : Death is invegetable @Amin Malik : Elevators

    don’t break. They become stairs. Be the elevator. Adapt. @TaeAnt11: Wait. Obama got 64 states & Romney got 40???? Bitch we only got 51 states!! @brownlady25: To my calculation if I save $38 each week, I can have a million with in 3 yrs! Sounds like a plan to me! @MahoghanyXO : Twitter is my alter eagle @ATL_PRiNCeSS : I wanna have sex in paris ontop of da ifold tower
  7. None
  8. None
  9. Like me. Like me! LIKE me. LIKE ME. LIKE ME

    LIKE ME!! LIKE ME!!! LIKE ME!!!! LIKE ME!!!!! LIKE ME!!!!!
  10. Sigh

  11. Build niche communities, don’t add to the noise

  12. Lego, lipstick and logistics

  13. Theme independence doesn’t kill or cure all

  14. Make communities with heart

  15. Don’t settle for default

  16. BuddyPress design matters for developers 1

  17. Understand roots

  18. Code pooping makes Barley sad

  19. Bootstrapping everything makes Dillon scared

  20. Make friends with a designer.

  21. BuddyPress design matters for designers 2

  22. Be Proud Become a niche designer

  23. Don’t design like it’s your last ever design

  24. Craft experiences

  25. Design with your ears

  26. Know code, know your bricks

  27. Play, experiment and have fun

  28. My experiment

  29. BuddyPress design matters for mobile 3

  30. Responsive isn't a passing fad

  31. You DO NOT need an app or plugin to be

  32. Altogether now... BuddyPress design matters!

  33. But what about BuddyPress itself?

  34. The core team cares about design

  35. Design matters to the roadmap

  36. There’s even a place on trac :)

  37. Testing, Turtleshell, Status...

  38. DON’T kick the BuddyPress puppy, get involved with bringing it

  39. Lets make this designed together

  40. Thank you for listening. Any questions? Tammie Lister @karmatosed