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Product design through stories

D36d2c1821af9249b69ff7f5ed60529b?s=47 Tammie Lister
December 07, 2018

Product design through stories


Tammie Lister

December 07, 2018

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  1. Product design through stories Tammie Lister : @karmatosed

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  4. Tea pigs

  5. “We are, as a species, addicted to story. 

    when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories. “
 — John Gottschall
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  9. The structure of a story

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  17. Märchen: 
 “fairy tales”, take place in once-upon-a-time

  18. Sagen: 
 “legends”, supposed to have actually happened

  19. A product’s stories

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  21. airbnb.com/stories

  22. everlane.com

  23. mattandnat.com

  24. eu.patagonia.com/gb/en/worn-wear.html

  25. monzo.com

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  27. “Years ago, my friend Betty woke me at 1:30am –

    the first night she had a new MacBook Pro. “It’s breathing! It’s breathing!,” she exclaimed. Betty had just put the computer to sleep for the first time, and the pulsating snooze indicator had her feeling that she not only had a new computer, but also a new friend.” mindtheproduct.com/2016/09/the-importance-of-passionate-stories-to-product-design
  28. Discovering stories

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  30. Short stories: surveys*, testimonials, reviews, support tales, social media *well

    not all…..
  31. Long stories: interviews, observations, diary studies…

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  33. Keeping stories

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  36. Telling stories

  37. Stories: Keep focus on users.

  38. Stories: Enable collaboration.

  39. Stories: Fuel creativity.

  40. Stories: Unite.

  41. “When we read a story, not only do the language

    parts of our brains light up, but any other part of the brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing what we’re reading about becomes activated as well.” 
 ~Rachel Gillett
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  44. donnalichaw.com/toolkit

  45. donnalichaw.com/toolkit

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  48. Experience: Creating the visual story is crucial to recall.

  49. Report: If it happened, report it.

  50. Archive: If it happened, if it was reported, archive it.

  51. Review: Change happens and your stories change.

  52. Creating stories

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  60. “The details are not the details. They make the design”

    - Charles Eames
  61. teapings.co.uk

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  64. Start with stories

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  68. Thanks, questions Tammie Lister : @karmatosed Slides: speakerdeck.com/tammielis/product-design-through-stories ?