Hacking Spacetime for a Successful Career

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November 16, 2015

Hacking Spacetime for a Successful Career

We talk a lot about building well-crafted software. But what about a well-crafted career in software? Who is making sure you’re on track for the life you want five, ten, thirty years from now?

We’ll build a time machine and follow a typical development career through various tracks, and see how a few basic principles can radically alter your career’s trajectory over time.

If you’ve ever felt the existential dread of “climbing the walls” at your job, you’re not alone. We’ll explore why and share some concrete steps you can take now to create a long, happy, rewarding career.



November 16, 2015


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    Leading MEtrics º Hours worked º Conversations with new people

    º Lines of code written deleted º Value created º Works published
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    1. Choose baseline stats 2. Stock inventory 3. View results

    4. Fast-forward/ rewind time HOW TO PLAY
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    THE FORMULA understand your present value + understand your future

    value + invest in yourself + invest in others x amount of effort you put in = YOUR PLATFORM
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    Mid Dev Keynote Speaker Sr. Dev Chief Architect Distinguished Dev

    Dev Evangelist Author/ Speaker Junior Dev Dev Manager Project Manager Freelance Dev Solopreneur Startup Founder Small Business CEO Founder, 3rd company Chairperson of the Board Director of Product Engineering/ Team Lead VP of Product Director/VP Engineering CTO Developer Manager Entrepreneur Founder, 2nd company
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    What Work do you do when stresSED? Get back into

    code? Grab lunch with programmer friends? Sketch up a new app idea?
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    Your PLATFORM How people see you helping them Builds up

    as you go along, intentionally or not
  17. 85.

    your platform is a voltron Built of several pieces Exists

    as a separate entity Works for you autonomously
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    Remember THE FORMULA understand your present value + understand your

    future value + invest in yourself + invest in others x amount of effort you put in = YOUR PLATFORM
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    Know your value Your salary $ Added (profit) Marketing Etc.*

    *etc. includes recruiting, branding, sales, reduction of uncertainty, and more. Opportunity (negotiable)
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    Invest in others Meetups Mentorship Open Source Lunches Lightning talks

    Listening Being a friend Tackling non- Silicon-Valley problems
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    Overlap between what you want to do & what you

    actually do SO WHAT IS SUCCESS?
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    Please recognize and take advantage of the opportunities you see

    to help others build their own platforms. Extending a hand
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