Ember in the Real World

Ember in the Real World

If you’ve done online tutorials, courses, or followed blog posts, you probably have a decent idea of what Ember is. But how do you build real, production-grade applications in it? How do you stitch together the pieces from tutorials into a larger picture? What about all the stuff that isn’t in the tutorials?

We’ll help you sort through some of the tougher challenges beyond the guides and blog posts:

- Working with non-standard APIs
- Integrating existing jQuery components
- Authentication and security
- Testing strategies to let you sleep at night
- Refactoring toward Ember from “jQuery spaghetti”

We’ll condense 2 years of shipping production applications so you can connect the dots and put the individual pieces together in a real-world application, so you can build ambitious web applications that are fun and easy to maintain.

Presented at Fluent 2015.



April 24, 2015