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Land Cover Change for the Houston Region and the Galveston Bay

Land Cover Change for the Houston Region and the Galveston Bay

Bill Bass, HARC

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  1. Galveston Bay Watershed • The Galveston Bay watershed is approximately

    24,000 square miles. • Approximately half the population of Texas (27.5 million)1 live in the Galveston Bay watershed. 1U.S. Census, July 2015
  2. Land Cover Change • Impervious & developed areas growth •

    Wetland areas decreased by 54,000 acres
  3. Land Cover Change Animations 1996 - 2010 • Harris &

    Montgomery Counties
 Developed Areas https://vimeo.com/176231053
 Wetland Areas https://vimeo.com/176497180 • Houston-Galveston Region
 Developed Areas https://vimeo.com/176218783 
 Wetland Areas https://vimeo.com/176220936
  4. Galveston Bay Report Card • Annual citizen driven scientific analysis

    of Galveston Bay • Engage community about health of Galveston Bay • Supported by a grant from the Houston Endowment • Implemented by Galveston Bay Foundation & HARC Inspire people to take actions that protect and preserve Galveston Bay.
  5. Inputs and Grading TPWD Coastal Fisheries TCEQ SWQM NOAA C-CAP

    Land Cover NOAA Sea Level Rise Data Texas Colonial Waterbirds Data
  6. GalvBayGrade.org • Overview • Find Your Watershed Tool • See

    the Grades • What You Can Do • Cover Stories http://GalvBayGrade.org New for 2016
  7. Overview • About the Bay • Bay facts • Map

    of watershed • About this Project • 6 Topic Areas • 19 Indicators • How We Grade • Letter Grading System • Descriptors from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Critical’ • Public Audience http://GalvBayGrade.org
  8. Find Your Watershed • Find results by watershed • Enter

    an address
 or explore the map by clicking on a watershed. http://GalvBayGrade.org
  9. See The Grades • Shown by • Topics Areas •

    Indicators • Prior year change • ‘What We Can Do’ tips for each indicator http://GalvBayGrade.org
  10. What You Can Do • Filter by Topic Area •

    Search by Keyword • Suggestions linked to resources. http://GalvBayGrade.org
  11. Cover Stories • Blog articles and in- depth stories on

    current events. • Links to current and past full reports. • Report updated annually. http://GalvBayGrade.org
  12. GalvBayGrade.org Research Contacts • Lisa Gonzalez
 HARC President 
 [email protected]

    • Erin Kinney, PhD
 HARC Research Scientist Coastal Ecology
 [email protected] • Heather Schiappa
 Galveston Bay Foundation 
 Report Card Coordinator
 [email protected]
  13. HARCresearch.org HARC (härk), n. an independent research hub helping people

    thrive and nature flourish. @bass_wm www.linkedin.com/in/wmbass Bill Bass, GISP GIS & IT Manager (281) 364-6087 [email protected]