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Improving Community Services by Helping Citizens Find Their Lost Pets

Improving Community Services by Helping Citizens Find Their Lost Pets

City of El Paso

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  1. “Delivering Outstanding Services” Pet Finder App Improving Community Services by

    Helping Citizens Find Their Lost Pets Through Interactive Web Map 1
  2. “Delivering Outstanding Services” 2 El Paso, Texas • Population of

    approximately 700,000 • Primarily urban • Area of approximately 256 square miles
  3. “Delivering Outstanding Services” Problem Definition 4 • Our average daily

    kennel population is 557 dogs and 274 cats • Searching for lost pets meant you had to browse through hundreds of records • With no ability to search by address
  4. “Delivering Outstanding Services” Applications 5 • Animal records are stored

    and managed in Pet Point • These records are then made publically available through Petango (Web Service) • The GIS Team was approached with a request to create an online map of lost pets
  5. “Delivering Outstanding Services” Identify Solution 6 • Traditional Web Map

    or ESRI’s Story Map • Display locations • Search by address • Browse through photographs • Filter by category (note: dogs, cats, include lost pets)
  6. “Delivering Outstanding Services” Story Maps • ESRI product which creates

    web apps that combine maps with narrative text and multimedia • Shortlist story map was selected as the best option 7
  7. “Delivering Outstanding Services” Approach 1. Create and Update Feature Class

    which has been published as a REST service 2. Create Web Map 3. Configure Story Map 8
  8. “Delivering Outstanding Services” 9 Python Overview • Python script hits

    2 Petango web services (1 for found pets, 1 for lost pets) • Filters data by selecting dogs and cats only
  9. “Delivering Outstanding Services” 10 • Local feature class set-up •

    SDE FC update. Delete and Geocode Python Overview (Cont.)
  10. “Delivering Outstanding Services” 15 The Web Map was shared with

    everyone through ArcGIS Online • The Story Map template was selected Story Map
  11. “Delivering Outstanding Services” 18 • Customized banner • App allows

    for address search • Photographs remain a prominent feature of the app Pet Finder App