Transforming Data with Ruby and ActiveWarehouse-ETL

Transforming Data with Ruby and ActiveWarehouse-ETL

This talk (given at RuLu 2012) will show how to use ActiveWarehouse-ETL to extract, transform and move your data around in Ruby, and what other people do in real life with this toolkit.

1# Beginner guide to ActiveWarehouse-ETL

Gem presentation (concepts etc)
Beginner examples of data processing

2# Real-life examples all in Ruby:

Extracting data from a CRM to build a metrics dimensional dashboard (business intelligence)
Extracting and geocoding places before publishing a map on the web
Adapting data for consumption by COBOL systems
Cleaning and extending the CRM
Extracting only what changed (aka Change Data Capture)


Thibaut Barrère

June 23, 2012