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Bootstrapping your SaaS product (with freelancing)

Bootstrapping your SaaS product (with freelancing)

Thibaut Barrère

November 23, 2013

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  1. Raising VC money? • Good for world leaders / homeruns

    (eg: DropBox) • Not so good for a lifestyle business (start small / stay small) • Not everyone knows how to get VC money! • My priority is my own independence and control of my pace (family life, roadmap, goals, working schedule). • I want to master my own risk and do my own bets.
  2. How long is it sustainable? • Started freelancing in aug.

    2005 • Started experimenting online in 2007 • (Left Paris for a cheaper place in may 2010) • Plenty of time to experiment and learn
  3. Affiliate marketing Adsense Amazon Tout pour mon iPad.com Learnivore.com Hackerbooks.com

    The lighting shop.com Evolving worker.com Faire autrement.fr Mind Mappeur .fr Selling featured ads Nice place.fr 2007 to 2011: learning SEO
  4. 2011: 30x500 course by Amy Hoy My super-condensed output (0.01%

    of the course maybe): •Sell recurring subscriptions to B2B •Start super small •Start by picking and understanding your audience •Solve pain points and/or help them multiply their money No ads, no affiliate marketing, no one shot sales, no selling to large companies, no freemium, no marketplaces, learn to charge and promote. @amyhoy
  5. • Started building in sept. 2011 • Private beta in

    jun. 2012 • New baby at home in dec. 2012 • Going public/paid jul. 2013
  6. A newborn SaaS is like a baby •It needs care

    and time to walk alone •$500/mo is not enough for my small family •But it grows 10% month to month
  7. Try to ship (paid) in 2 weeks (eliminate ideas that

    require a lot of work) http://joshpigford.com/baremetrics-stripe-analytics
  8. Max. 2 freelancing clients at once (otherwise you won’t be

    able to satisfy their needs - stress for them and stress for you. With your SaaS, 3 projects at once)