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Game-Changing Ways to Use the Google Search Console API - MozCon 2021

Game-Changing Ways to Use the Google Search Console API - MozCon 2021

In this deck I showed off a number of ways to get the most out of the Google Search Console API by learning how to pipeline it using an ETL tool like https://jepto.com and to then visualize it with Google Data Studio.

I talk about a lot of the key benefits of this approach including:
- This approach makes data studio a super fast tool.
- You can segment and classify your data (we do this with customizable top, middle and bottom of the funnel terms at https://branch.tools).
- Position bucketing. It's super easy to segment your query data to find low hanging fruit opportunities.
- See your data segmented by URL structure
- Keyword Cannibalization
- Keyword Expansion
- Trending Queries

Noah Learner

August 03, 2022

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  1. [email protected] @noahlearner Game-Changing Ways to Use the Google Search Console

    API Noah Learner Product Director, Two Octobers @noahlearner
  2. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner The Hubble Ultra Deep Field This

    is what 10,000 galaxies looks like.
  3. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  4. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 100 meters away

  5. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Using the API is like unleashing

    the power of Hubble.
  6. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner GSC UI

  7. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner GSC API

  8. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  9. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 1,000 rows?

  10. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner The API delivers 25x the data.

  11. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 1 dimension at a time?

  12. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Google Search Console’s performance tab is

  13. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner It’s also slow and tedious to

    work with.
  14. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner How’s this for context?

  15. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 25x the data is pretty cool,

    where’s the money?
  16. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner HOW MUCH IS HIDDEN? Clicks x

    Conv Rate x AOV
  17. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 7k Clicks x Conv Rate x

  18. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 1% Clicks x Conv Rate x

  19. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner $570 Clicks x Conv Rate x

  20. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner $40k = ~2% of revenue is

  21. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner That is 1 of 285 brands

    on the site.
  22. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner HIDDEN BOF TERMS $380k

  23. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner The API offers an astonishing amount

    of data.
  24. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Create UIs that match your workflows.

  25. [email protected]ers @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Build multiple layers of filters to

    get to answers. AND FAST
  26. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Context!

  27. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

  28. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner How can I get this rolling?

  29. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner BigQuery Data Studio GSC API The

  30. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Gathering the Data

  31. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Build your own or use an

    ETL tool:
  32. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Getting the data into BQ. $10

    - $$$$ / month / client
  33. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner BigQuery costs between $0.02 - $0.25

    / client / month
  34. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner DATA STUDIO IS FREE

  35. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner What are the Advantages?

  36. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner HOLY MOLY it’s fast.

  37. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Segment your data by creating filters

    like this
  38. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Learn about calculated fields + case

  39. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner BE PATIENT.

  40. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Position Bucketing THIS IS $$$

  41. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  42. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Branded Terms

  43. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Folder Structure

  44. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Product Brands

  45. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner We saw huge demand for queries

    including “For Sale”
  46. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner REVENUE UP 116% over 2020

  47. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Layered filtering takes us from large

    data to actionable insights
  48. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  49. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner The magic

  50. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Enter a head term to show

    relevant queries and URLS.
  51. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  52. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Click a search term to find

    a target page to optimize
  53. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  54. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner We can see: the page to

  55. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  56. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner We can see: cannibalization issues

  57. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner We can see: internal linking opportunities

  58. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Perform serp analysis to understand search

  59. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Keep your page that aligns with

    the intent you see in the serps.
  60. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner 301 redirect / deoptimize the other

  61. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  62. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner We can see content expansion opportunities

  63. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Initial 317K 15K Step 1 25.6K

    1.3K Step 2 1 5 Terms URLs
  64. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner We can see low hanging fruit

  65. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Striking Distance

  66. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner FAQs anyone? Content expansion?

  67. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  68. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Take it a step further with

    conditional formatting.
  69. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  70. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  71. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Process the data in BigQuery for

    even more $$$.
  72. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Trending Queries = $$$

  73. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  74. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner You can then create change columns

    that are sortable in GDS.
  75. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner

  76. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner What have we learned?

  77. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner The GSC API is the new

    table stakes.
  78. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner The combo of API + BQ

    + GDS is crazy powerful.
  79. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner You’ll build better content that ranks

    and converts.
  80. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner Leave no data behind!

  81. [email protected] @noahlearner [email protected] @noahlearner USEFUL LINKS How to Build a

    Google Search Console Data Pipeline: http://bit.ly/gscPipeline Getting All Your Search Data: https://bit.ly/3fcGzC9 Building Case Statements https://support.google.com/datastudi o/answer/7020724
  82. [email protected] @noahlearner Game-Changing Ways to Use the Google Search Console

    API Noah Learner Product Director, Two Octobers @noahlearner