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An iOS app similar to Snapchat. Final project for CSCI-4440 "Software Design and Documentation" at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Spring 2014. Released the same day that Snapchat launched Chat. http://tjphilli.com/projects/bathchat

Derek Schultz, Theo Pak, Trevor Phillippi


Theo Pak

May 02, 2014

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  1. What is Bathchat? Product iOS app for iPhone 4 and

    greater (iOS 7.1) Value Proposition Bathchat facilitates non-committal multimedia communication while bathing via an iPhone app, for software designers and developers. Market Segment People who both use and inform design trends
  2. Why Make Bathchat? WhatsApp/Messenger/SMS want to be your only form

    of communication. Snapchat is a niche medium. Baths are an underutilized niche within the Snapchat niche.
  3. Objectives for Visual Design Since Bathchat itself is a fun

    and immersive product, we wanted the visuals of the product to reflect this. We selected Lato to be used for the typeface since it evokes a sort of playful and inviting feeling The light colors further communicate the approachableness of the product.
  4. xCode Autolayout How do you solve the problem of multiple

    devices/screen widths that could be running Bathchat? xCode Autolayout was introduced specifically to solve this problem.
  5. Contraints By opt+dragging in xCode, you can create a “constraint”

    A “constraint” defines a layout value of a UI element in relation to another element. This can include UI elements as well as screen boundaries.
  6. Model–View–Controller • Models: Parse • Views: Storyboard • Controllers ◦

    Login ◦ OutOfBath ◦ Inbox ◦ ViewImage ◦ SendPhoto ◦ etc
  7. Fred Brooks, 1986 “No Silver Bullet—Essence and Accident in Software

    Engineering,” 1986 Photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Frederick_Brooks_IMG_2261.jpg, 2012 There is no single development […] which by itself promises even one order of magnitude improvement within a decade in productivity, in reliability, in simplicity.
  8. Mills Baker, 2014 “Greg Jorgensen: 'Why Don't Software Methodologies Work?',”

    2014 Photo: https://flic.kr/p/buizyF, 2012 The natural conceptual integrity that results from a really well-selected group of colleagues who "just click" with each other cannot be over-valued; it […] makes methodology a lot less important. So while we're Agile, we try to be much more than that
  9. Lesson Learned: Pitching We had trouble explaining Bathchat to our

    friends. Sometimes your pitch needs to start with the pain point and then introduce the solution. A pitch is not simply the value prop. Better: Messaging someone is such a commitment. What if the act of sending a message was ephemeral? vs. Worse: Bathchat conversations are non-committal. This is unique and fun.
  10. Lesson Learned: Move Fast Jan 23 — first class of

    Software Design & Documentation Feb 2 — “Hey let's make Bathchat.” Feb 19 — Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $19b Apr 24 — Bathchat beta woo! Apr 28 — Facebook ships Messenger 5.0, uh-oh May 1 — Snapchat ships Chat, godammit May 1 — “Ok now Snapchat is better than our MVP.”
  11. Thanks Derek Schultz, Trevor Phillippi, Theo Pak CSCI-4440 Software Design

    & Documentation Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY, USA