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The State of the League (2018)

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August 26, 2018

The State of the League (2018)

These are the slides that I presented during the keynote address of MLH Hackcon VI.

This is going to be a HUGE year for hackers. Join me as I walk through everything the MLH community has achieved in the last year and lay the path forward for all we can achieve together in the coming one. This annual address serves as Major League Hacking's B-Corp Impact Report.



August 26, 2018


  1. The State of the League August 2018

  2. They call me Swift. Here are some fun facts about

 ! CEO & Co-Founder of Major League Hacking. ! Aspiring lawyer who became a software engineer instead. ! I’ve been empowering developers, designers, & makers at hackathons for 9 years now. swift@mlh.io @SwiftAlphaOne
  3. NEW JOB I needed to find a

  4. MISTAKE There must have been a

  5. EMBARRASSED Talking about my job made me feel

  6. HACKATHON? What on earth is a “ ”

  7. That’s me 
 at my first hackathon!

  8. LAWYER I want to be a

  9. I thought my story was UNIQUE

  10. ALL OF YOU! Then I met

  11. None
  12. TECHNOLOGY is eating the world

  13. We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st

    century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate. “ ” Ray Kurzweil
 Director of Engineering, Google
  14. Learn new, complicated things QUICKLY

  15. 1,000,000 Source: 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics Report unfilled C.S.

    jobs by 2020
  16. 3% of undergraduates are studying C.S. Source: 2018 National Center

    for Education Statistics Survey
  17. 10x Enrollment at Coding Bootcamps has grown Source: 2017 Course

    Report Coding Bootcamp Market Size Study
  18. BROKEN Tech education is

  19. None
  20. Giving students iPads or allowing them to film homework assignments

    on YouTube prepares them for a high-tech economy about as much as playing with Hot Wheels would prepare them to thrive as auto mechanics. “ ” Cal Newport
 Professor, Georgetown University


  23. 84% I gain skills at hackathons that I am not

    getting in the classroom. Source: 2018 MLH Season Survey “ ”
  24. As a community, we are stronger As a community, we

    are smarter
 As a community, we are faster As a community, we are more diverse As a community, we are
  25. 50% more diverse than an average C.S. class! Source: 2018

    National Center for Education Statistics Survey
  26. 750+ Hacker Events

  27. 71,000+ Hackers Empowered

  28. We empower hackers.

  29. Our mission is so important to us, that we made

    it part of our company’s DNA. This year, we took the final step & became 
 Major League Hacking, PBC.
  30. 250,000+ Lifetime Hackers Empowered

  31. This has been a HUGE year for student hackers.


  33. Sumaiya Tabassum Queens College Tech Incubator Summer Series, HackAttack, &

    BQ GirlHacks.
  34. Sumaiya lost her INTEREST

  35. Sumaiya didn’t feel WELCOME

  36. Hackathons welcomed LEARNING

  37. None
  38. There was so much CONTENT!

  39. Sumiaya’s community is THRIVING

  40. 350+ Localhost Events

  41. 2x the Localhost Modules! & many more!


  43. Bring awesome workshops to your hackathon & club! localhost.mlh.io

  44. Cameron Akker HackHarvard, MakeHarvard, & VHacks.

  45. Harvard needed a HACKATHON

  46. HackHarvard was a huge SUCCESS!

  47. There was no community for HARDWARE

  48. Cameron mentored HIS TEAM

  49. He thought it was SPAM

  50. None
  51. ORGANIZER PEER GROUPS Introducing MLH Meet and work with other

    hackathon organizers in the MLH community to tackle challenges together.
  52. THIS WEEKEND! Attend a Peer Group hackp.ac/peer-groups

  53. FINISH LINE FUND! Introducing the MLH Sometimes organizers need the

    extra push to get over the fundraising finish line. MLH will be awarding grants up to $2,500 to promising events that regularly: 1. Participate in peer groups 2. Share updates with MLH 3. Mentor & challenge other organizers
  54. 25% Don’t Demo

  55. MENTOR HOTLINE Introducing the MLH Powered by

  56. Akshaya Dinesh Girls Make Apps, ByteHacks, & 
 MLH Coach.

  57. Akshaya wanted MORE!

  58. covered in stickers LAPTOP Akshaya spotted a

  59. Akshaya made a MISTAKE

  60. None
  61. Akshaya’s team got 1ST PLACE!

  62. Girls Make Apps is closing the gender gap in tech

    by providing educational opportunities for girls in Computer Science.

  64. Akshaya kept seeing

  65. Akshaya became an MLH COACH

  66. CRYPTO
 CHAMELEON 2019 Hackathon Season:

  67. MORE! But wait, there’s

  68. Powered by in hardware! $15k

  69. Software & APIs! FREE

  70. in prizes & swag! $3.5k

  71. Member Hackathon
 Field Support Content 
 Launchpad MLH Localhost

    Facilitators 1 2 3 COACHES PROGRAM We are growing the
  72. This will be a HUGE year for student hackers.

  73. FORGOT? Wait, is there something I

  74. None
  75. None
  76. 225+ Local Hack Days!

  77. December 1st, 2018 localhackday.mlh.io

  78. “Learn.” “Build.” “Share.” I empower hackers by enabling them to...

    “ ” 1 2 3
  79. Fall 2019 Winter 2019 Spring 2020 Starting in 2019, you’re

    getting 3x the
  80. Fall 2019

  81. Winter 2019

  82. Spring 2019

  83. Fall 2019 Winter 2019 Spring 2020 Starting in 2019, you’re

    getting 3x the
  84. Thanks, I’m Swift. I hope you enjoyed my talk. As

    a reminder:
 ! You can follow me on Twitter at @SwiftAlphaOne • You can email me at swift@mlh.io • I’ll be tweeting these slides after the talk and publishing a blog post summary next week!