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How to take decisions in groups

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July 20, 2020

How to take decisions in groups

Decision making tools



July 20, 2020


  1. @yot88 How to take decisions in groups

  2. @yot88 Dixit Problem solving

  3. @yot88 Several ways to take decisions

  4. @yot88 Decide for others

  5. @yot88 obtain a majority

  6. @yot88 Seeking consensus

  7. @yot88 Consent Consensus Do you agree for … ? Who

    has a major, reasoned objection? Irrational objections are not admissible.
  8. @yot88 3 criteria to have a good decision processus Fast

    Inclusive Graduated
  9. @yot88 Inclusion principle • Who applies decides • Who decides

    consults the impacted
  10. @yot88 Graduation principle Tell Sell Consent

  11. @yot88 Consent in huge groups "How could we ?" "Would

    you object if we...?"
  12. @yot88 Systemic consensing 0 : No problem at all for

    me 10 : Totally impossible to live for me
  13. @yot88 Some principles / patterns

  14. @yot88 Always have a facilitator Always ensure you have a

    facilitator for each meeting If you don't have a dedicated facilitator in your team you can : • Elect one at the beginning of the meeting • Rotate the facilitator responsibility Parking lot timebox
  15. How to propose ? - Present, Discuss, Improve

  16. @yot88 How to propose ? - Design proposals as experiment

  17. @yot88 How to decide ? - definitions

  18. @yot88 How to decide ? - Consent voting

  19. @yot88 How to decide ? - Declare intent and ask

    for objections
  20. @yot88 How to decide ? – dot voting

  21. @yot88 What to do when you are stuck ? -

    Make decisions smaller
  22. @yot88 What to do when you are stuck ? -

    Clarify Statu Quo
  23. @yot88 What to do when you are stuck ? When

    critical accountable decides
  24. @yot88 How to stimulate team wisdom ? - Individual thinking

    then share
  25. @yot88 How to stimulate team wisdom ? - Collaborative proposals

  26. @yot88 How to strengthen commitment ? - Summarize actions and

  27. @yot88 How to strengthen commitment ? – Decision log

  28. @yot88 Clarify team decision scope with Delegation Poker

  29. @yot88 S3 : consent decision making

  30. @yot88 Exercise : Feedforward

  31. @yot88 Feedforward The "feedforward" consists to formulate requests or propose

    future-oriented options or solutions, as opposed to the feedback technique, which looks back on a past situation. Example : For your next report, I suggest that you divide the summary of your activities by date or by function (budget, planning, operations management, ...). So that it will be easier to read it, to find the information I need and to refer to it later.
  32. @yot88 Feedforward Regarding decision making in your team formulate a

    FeedForward to yourself : “For your next ... I invite you to .... so that...” If you are OK, share it with the rest of the attendees
  33. @yot88

  34. @yot88 resources • https://yoan-thirion.gitbook.io/knowledge-base/agile- coaching/how-to-improve-team-decision-making • https://leanpub.com/decision-making-principles • https://patterns.sociocracy30.org/consent-decision-making.html