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PHP from a Hosting Perspective

PHP from a Hosting Perspective

I'll present on our research into our millions of hosting customers -- and address a number of interesting data points about which languages and features they're using, what they're building, and why PHP continues to be the most widely used scripting language in the web hosting world.

Bryan Petty

January 18, 2014

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  1. PHP from a Hosting Perspective Bryan Petty bpetty@bluehost.com github.com/tierra @ibakunet

  2. 1. The Stats: PHP Versions, Applications 2. The Surveys: Purpose

    and Identity 3. Some Open Discussion 4. Internal PHP Use @ Bluehost The Brief
  3. None
  4. Economic Impact of Open Source on Small Business: A Case

    Study (2012)
  5. WordPress PHP Versions

  6. PHP Version History

  7. Bluehost Customers

  8. Bluehost Customers

  9. Bluehost Customers

  10. Bluehost Customers

  11. Bluehost Customers

  12. Bluehost Customers

  13. Internal PHP Projects • Training (Moodle) • Bluehost Blog (WordPress)

    • Company Wiki (MediaWiki) • Mojo Marketplace (CakePHP) • Plugin Mirror (CakePHP)
  14. Plugin Mirror

  15. Plugin Mirror

  16. Questions & Discussion speakerdeck.com/u/tierra Bryan Petty bpetty@bluehost.com github.com/tierra @ibakunet