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Developer's Journey

Developer's Journey

What does the modern IT-professional look like? If I believe the rumors, the guides, the white noise on the internet and what my clients are searching for, the 2016-software-developer is an excellent, cheap, "T-Shaped" newbie with a lot of experience, the right agile mindset and she's ready to be a cultural fit for big and small companies alike.

Those unicorns do exist, but for the majority of us, the journey there will be long. Did you find your way yet? What should you learn to be successful and have more fun in your daily work? How do you plan to grow further? And even more important, what do you do to help others, in particular newbies, on their journey?

This talk will go over the three values software developer should cherish: create, care and criticize. We will see how 9 advices, for instance "clean code" and "experiment", relate to those values and how maximizing your growth for those values will have a positive impact on your career and others around you.

A preliminary version of this deck was presented at the TopConf conference in Linz, Austria and at the WebKongress2016 conference in Erlangen, Germany.

Tim Bourguignon

March 09, 2016

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