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The forgotten art of mentoring (4Developers April 2017)

The forgotten art of mentoring (4Developers April 2017)

When did you last care, help or even accompany someone, a colleague for instance, on his life journey? We produce ever more content, day in and day out. Either for our blogs, while organizing communities or when pointing out to the internet where our whole knowledge is to be found. Haven't we forgotten the "human being" in this avalanche of information? We all learn, but so few of us do it through mentoring. The word mentoring can be scary for some. But mentoring is like a superpower that anyone can use. In this talk we will talk about learning, teaching, leading, accompanying and even letting be. We will discuss the role of a mentor and the differences with a coach, a godfather and a boss. How do you act as a mentor or a mentee, and what makes this relationship so unique and so fruitful? Finally, the audience we will make its first step toward mentoring through a practical exercise.

Tim Bourguignon

April 03, 2017

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  1. mentoring The forgotten art of MATHEMA Software GmbH @timothep Timothée

    Bourguignon timbourguignon.fr
  2. A handfull of mentors Image Source: Wikipedia

  3. Do you recognize those men? Image Source: Wikipedia

  4. Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone

    who had real positive influences in his or her life, a mentor” “ - Denzel Washington
  5. Where art thou? Mentors!

  6. Mentor? What is a

  7. Mentor Anyone who has a positive, guiding influence in another

    person's life, a trusted counselor or guide - Merriam-Webster
  8. The many faces of mentoring Coach Tutor Teacher Mum Sparing-Partner

    Godfather Boss
  9. Mentor Anyone who has a positive, guiding influence in another

    person's life, a trusted counselor or guide
  10. Shu-Ha-Ri Stages of learning

  11. mentoring Benefits of

  12. Benefits for the mentee Help in problem solving Impartial advice

    Encouragement Professional development Increased visibility
  13. Benefits for the mentor Personal learning Personal journey Peer recognition

    Organisational Insights
  14. everyone do it? Why doesn’t

  15. Why doesn’t everyone do it? Takes work Insecurity Blindness Lack

    of training
  16. It is not because things are difficult that we do

    not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult” “ - Seneca
  17. Biggest road block: Accepting the mission

  18. Mentors Different kind of

  19. 5 kinds of Advisor Listener Connector Cheerleader Challenger Mentors

  20. Who are/were Timebox: 1 min your mentors? Exercise Write down

    their names
  21. Mentee Looking for a

  22. The perfect Makes things happen & adds value Sees and

    ceases opportunity Influences others Is committed Is respectful & loyal mentee …of course he/she does not exist!
  23. Who could you Timebox: 1 min mentor? Exercise Write down

    their names
  24. Mentor Looking for a

  25. Before you jump in Life worth following? Other followers? What

    influences others to follow? Produces leaders? Reproducible strength? with a mentor
  26. to rule them all! The one trick

  27. Be there listen & ask questions!

  28. „Question Formulation Technique“ http://rightquestion.org/education

  29. Now! It starts

  30. speakerdeck.com/timothep @timothep timbourguignon.fr devJourney.info mathema.de