‘What would YOU Call This Talk?’ And Other Powerful Questions

‘What would YOU Call This Talk?’ And Other Powerful Questions

Do you know how to ask questions? We all do, right? All kids go through a “why” phase. Can you remember yours? Or you kid’s? If you were a kid right now, how exactly would you ask one more question, to an adult that had one too many already, in order to get a real answer? And did you realize we used 4 different types of questions in this first paragraph? Each had a different purpose...

Let it be in a mob, while pair programming or just in a team working with other human beings, good questions are paramount. Asking a misguided or inaccurate question can lead you down the wrong rabbit hole... or destroy the energy of your mob altogether. In other words, if you can’t communicate clearly, you’re toast.

So start thinking about the questions you ask. Experience the “Question Formulation Technique” exercise. Experiment with different question forms and become an interrogation expert. That's the plan of this interactive Talk.


Tim Bourguignon

June 25, 2018