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Arch Linux - a simple, lightweight linux distribution

July 10, 2011

Arch Linux - a simple, lightweight linux distribution

Lightning talk for the Openfest 2011


July 10, 2011

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  1. The Arch Way K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) Μinimal

    base system BSD-style Init No GUI configuration utilities Rolling Release Bleeding Edge latest stable packages (upstream) Generic binary kernel (i686 x86_64) stable longtime supported kernel (kernel-lts) User-centric and not User Frienldy Code correctness over convenience Avoid unnecessary patches that provide eye-candy and automations openfest 2011 2 ... 8
  2. Target Archery Mostly for competent users Learning Curve for new

    users For users that need their system as striped down as possible no GUI installation ArchWiki is one of the largest community contributed online linux documentation source Archlinux forum is one of the most active linux technical forums. openfest 2011 3 ... 8
  3. Package manager... Pacman (package manager) compressed binaries (lzma2) dependency checking

    .pacnew / .pacsave ABS (Archlinux Build System) - PKGBUILDs makepkg Package Groups openfest 2011 4 ... 8
  4. Repositories Repositories core extra community multilib testing community-testing multilib-testing AUR

    (Archlinux User Repository - unsupported) only pkgbuilds & patches, NO software - NO binary openfest 2011 5 ... 8
  5. Stats Repositories core (186) extra (2684) community (2243) community-testing (13)

    multilib (136) testing (143) AUR (28638 pkgs) Wiki Pages (3135) Forum Total number of registered users: 40,797 Total number of topics: 112,168 Total number of posts: 887,244 Trusted Users (26) openfest 2011 6 ... 8
  6. Community Archlinux https://www.archlinux.org (site) https://wiki.archlinux.org (wiki) https://bbs.archlinux.org (forum) https://aur.archlinux.org (aur)

    http://rollingrelease.com/ (archlinux news) http://planet.archlinux.org/ (planet) Archlinux-gr http://www.archlinux.gr http://gitorious.org/arch-linux-greece (2 repos) archlinux (126) kde4-eyecandy (89) openfest 2011 7 ... 8