incident identification platform

C2fdc93100dc7afd5073cdb62f6b34e1?s=47 Tasos
July 06, 2013

incident identification platform

My presentation for the PATW competition 2013. A prototype platform that identifies incidents by accumulating reports from mobile devices.



July 06, 2013


  1. Incident Identification Platform Based on Mobile devices Anastasios Latsas IET

    - PATW 2013
  2. Importance of Incident Detection

  3. Incident Detection Systems TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software)

  4. Incident Detection Systems SARACEN (Socially Aware, collaboRative, scAlable Coding mEdia

  5. Incident Detection Systems Delasoft Incident Locator Tool

  6. Motivation • Existing systems are based on user input (assume

    location knowledge) • Not "smart" enough • Not open • Not accessible
  7. Incident Identification Platform • Detect incidents without assuming any location

    knowledge • Detect both static and evolving incidents • Web based platform (accessible) • Mobile clients for Android™ devices • Communication using open APIs and common protocols (HTTP) • Open source
  8. Static Incidents 1. calculate all possible incidents using the collected

    reports 2. filter out too distant incidents 3. calculate the average incident location 4. calculate standard deviation of incidents and the average location 5. determine safe point of location identification
  9. Evaluation • collecting real data (using different mobile devices) •

    collecting virtual data (using gmaps) • randomizing collected data (location) • randomizing collected data (run order) • replaying scenarios • plotting results
  10. Static Incidents - results

  11. Detection Algorithm Tracking Algorithm • 3 main phases • filtering

    based on time and space criteria • can detect evolving incidents • adjusting existing position using two different algorithms • scalable
  12. Static vs Tracking algorithm performance

  13. Future work Expand available clients

  14. Thank You @tlatsas Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Prof Ch.

    Patrikakis for his support in the design and implementation of the idea