GPGPU Programming in Haskell with Accelerate

GPGPU Programming in Haskell with Accelerate

Video of the presentation:
Workshop presentation on using Accelerate effectively:

Current graphics cards are massively parallel multicore processors optimised for workloads with a large degree of SIMD parallelism. Peak performance of these devices is far greater than that of traditional CPUs, however this is difficult to realise because good performance requires highly idiomatic programs, whose development is work intensive and requires expert knowledge. To raise the level of abstraction we are developing a domain-specific high-level language in Haskell for programming these devices. Computations are expressed in the form of parameterised collective operations —such as maps, reductions, and permutations— over multi-dimensional arrays. These computations are online compiled and executed on the graphics processor.

In this talk, I will introduce the Accelerate project; the language and its embedding in Haskell, as well as the online code generator and runtime system targeting CUDA GPUs.


Trevor L. McDonell

May 17, 2013