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Borrowing Brilliance: What Security Awareness and Training Should Steal from Marketing

Borrowing Brilliance: What Security Awareness and Training Should Steal from Marketing

Explore how Security Awareness & Training (SAT) can evolve by integrating marketing tactics. Learn to craft targeted, emotionally resonant messages that boost engagement, create a compelling security culture brand, and utilize analytics for impactful training programs. This session will guide SAT professionals in adopting marketing's innovative approaches to enhance cybersecurity awareness and behavior within organizations, ensuring security becomes a core component of the corporate identity.

Contact info & supporting links available at: https://hotels-dress-cnc.craft.me/MLwbtsA02Ubu0K

Mike Taylor

June 17, 2024

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  1. Why You Should Buy Our Hamburgers: • They taste really

    good • We make them any way you want • We make them fresh • They are inexpensive • We have free kids toys • We have restaurants in lots of places
  2. Marketers speak to the Lizard Brain System 1 operates largely

    unconsciously and automatically System 2 requires conscious effort and control
  3. SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Supercomputer loaded with a database of programmed behaviors

  4. "When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with

    creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion." Dale Carnegie
  5. Wow, that guy is amazing! Is he in any other

    trainings, even if it's something totally different? I'd love to see more of him! Protect the Protectors I love ‘The Guard’ guy!
  6. Branded Campaigns Personification giving it a human face and personality

    Emotion helps capture attention & create an emotional connection which makes it more relatable and memorable Multi-channel Flexibility & consistency across various channels & formats