Create your membership app with Digirow

99dc3f5d51a04e6fd14e786ee19d567f?s=47 Tomonari Ikeda
September 17, 2014

Create your membership app with Digirow

With Digirow, our original SNS service, you can deliver messages and coupons only to the members who have installed Digirow client app. We'll introduce the typical use case of Digirow in this slides.


Tomonari Ikeda

September 17, 2014


  1. The membership app for business owners.

  2. The membership app use case Business Owner ① Cusomer of

    business installs app to become the member. No registration, operation needed. ② Business owner updates member’s status using web console panel. ③ Messages and Coupons will be delivered to the app. Just send E-mail to account executive to deliver message or coupon to your members.
  3. Membership App Screen Feed Display Messages and Coupons delivered to

    your members will be displayed here. When app launched at first time after installation, Welcome message or coupon or both will be displayed. To deliver message or coupon, send E-mail to your account executive. Member Number Member Number is used to identify your member. With member number, you can update member’s status at console panel. Member Status The member status can be set from console panel. Examples of member status are: “gold member”, “you have 32 store points”, “birthday 1980/3/2”, etc.
  4. Console Panel Screen Member Number which is displayed at top

    of member app screen. Name of your business. Current member status. To edit, click the stats text. Text editor will be displayed. List of members.
  5. How to update member status ① Check member number at

    member’s app. ② Log in to console. Click status text of the same member. ③ Edit and Save.