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Tomoya Matsuura - Meet the Students SFPC fall 2018

Tomoya Matsuura - Meet the Students SFPC fall 2018

Tomoya Matsuura

September 14, 2018

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  1. Hello, my name is Matsuura Tomoya.

  2. None
  3. 2015 summer Internship 2015 ~2017 2017~ ~2017 Graduate Undergrad Part-time

    Sound engineer
  4. SoundMaker Artist Designer Engineer Programmer Researcher

  5. Exidiophone Audio-feedback based electro-acoustic instrument

  6. Loudness Measurement Circuit (BJO$POUSPM -&% Light-Controlled Volume Microphone Speaker Amplifier

    Audio Feedback Change reacting-speed with capacitor If Loudness>Threshold→Turn Off LED How it works
  7. Algorave Tokyo

  8. Described Sound Generated Sound Playing Score Executing code Playing Record/CD/MP3

  9. Aphysical Unmodeling Instrument Re-implement Computational Model of Wind-instrument without Computer

  10. None

  12. What I want to explore at SFPC Sound programming language

    which has multiple interpreter “Soft” format for music that can be overwritten by people or….???
  13. And after… After…???

  14. Matsuura Tomoya matsuuratomoya.com me@matsuuratomoya.com twitter/Insta:@tomoya_nonymous