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Head First: Diving into Drones

Head First: Diving into Drones

Commonly referred to as Drones, these craft provide the pilot the ability to capture images from a new perspective. In this talk we will briefly discuss the basic principles and technology that enable this gravity defying craft to fly, then dive deeper into advanced customizations, like First Person View (FPV).

Tom Paulus

March 07, 2015

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  1. ©2015 Tom Paulus Video: Tech Casita Productions (Vimeo) Head First:

    Diving into Drones Tom Paulus @tompaulus http://tompaulus.com The Slides are already available online.
 Link is at the end.
  2. ©2015 Tom Paulus Flight Controller • The MOST important component

    on your craft • Translates your inputs into changes in the motor speeds • There are 3 different classes of Flight Controller to choose from
  3. ©2015 Tom Paulus Auto-Level Only KK 2.1 $30 Acro Naze

    32 $25 Flip 1.5 $16* *Does NOT include the case
  4. ©2015 Tom Paulus Altitude Holding Flip 1.5 $22* ** Naze

    32 $52 **With the addition of the Pimp Your Flip Board ($7) *Does NOT include the case
  5. ©2015 Tom Paulus Motors • RPM is measured in kV

    • 1 kV is 1 revolution per volt (Under No Load) • Measure of the dimension of the stator • For Example, 2212 980kV Motor Photo: rcexplorer.se
  6. ©2015 Tom Paulus Props Lets take a 10x4.5 Prop for

    Example 10 x 4.5 Diameter of the Prop Pitch of the Prop
  7. ©2015 Tom Paulus ESCs Electronic Speed Controller Connects your Motors

    to your Battery and Flight Controller Motor Battery ESC Flight Controller Photo: HobbyKing
  8. ©2015 Tom Paulus Batteries Voltage • 4s+ - High Voltage

    App. • 3S -11.1V (Very Common) • 2S - 7.4V Amperage Measured in C (Capacities) Diagram: Traxxas
  9. ©2015 Tom Paulus Mobius GoPro Camcorder DSLR 39g Camera: 74g

    (2.6oz) w/housing: 136g (4.8oz) approx. 350g approx. 1500g Payload
  10. ©2015 Tom Paulus Looking at your Video FatShark Video Googles

    Starting at $200 RMRC 8” Display $95 ImmersionRC UNO $69 +
  11. ©2015 Tom Paulus FPV is Analog from Camera to Display!

    It’s like TV used to be. Does the Snow look familiar?