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Professional Development - Weber Honors College

Professional Development - Weber Honors College


Tom Paulus

April 06, 2018


  1. Professional Development The impact of my coursework and extra curricular

    experiences Tom Paulus @tompaulus
  2. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Hi! I’m Tom.

  3. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Software Development Engineer @

  4. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus What would I be doing?

  5. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus What does the ideal candidate

    look like?
  6. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Why this job?

  7. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Why should they choose me?

  8. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus I’m invested in customer satisfaction

    and success.
  9. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus I have the necessary experience.

  10. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus My Achievements in Regards to

    the Honors Learning Outcomes
  11. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Identify personal strengths, weaknesses, values,

    and goals as a means of achieving self- awareness.
  12. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Express ideas with clarity and

    purpose, both orally and in writing, and demonstrate these communication abilities in multiple contexts to a variety of audiences.
  13. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Examine topics and issues from

    diverse perspectives, and contextualize phenomena within cultural contexts.
  14. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus

  15. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus Slides Available Online:

  16. © Tom Paulus @tompaulus