Create a beautiful flyer design for $25 or less

Create a beautiful flyer design for $25 or less

Dramatically reduce the cost of designing a flyer for your organisation or business by following this simple method. This simple method applies to all kinds of flyer or brochure. You will also learn a tip for writing content for your flyer.


Tony Radford

August 16, 2019


  1. Beautiful and high quality leaflet design For $25 or less

    Using this simple method
  2. What you will learn • Significantly cut the cost of

    flyer and brochure design • Cut the time to produce a flyer • A simple method to help you remove writer’s block when writing copy for your flyer
  3. Step 1: Choose your shape • Many variations A4, A5,

    A6, Square etc • Example • DL • 99mm x 210mm • Fits an envelope • Easy to given in person • Room for plenty of text
  4. Step 2: Find a ready-made layout design • This is

    where we can make huge cost savings • • DL designs cost $6 - $10
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  7. You will need to buy a photo. Get it at

    Themeforest. Cost $5 - $10
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  9. Step 3 Write the copy • ‘Write to’ the layout

    • Discipline and focus • Count the words
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  11. Make sure you use the rear side. Not much impact

    on price. Describe what you want on the rear side in the Word doc. Mine was a simple list of testimonials from Proactive users.
  12. Step 4: Document your changes • Create a Word doc

    • Number all the elements in the design layout • Write your changes with reference to the numbered element
  13. Screenshot of the numbered original version of the layout. Use

    the Windows Snipping tool to take a screenshot. Use the Snipping tool pen to write the numbers. Then paste into your document.
  14. Step 5: Merge your content into the layout • Use

    a designer on • Approximate cost $10 - $15
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  16. Step 5: Merge your content into the layout • Set

    a budget • Search for designers with 4.9 or 5 stars • Check their work to see if you like it • Read the reviews • Place the order • Upload your Word doc and the leaflet files you downloaded from Themeforest
  17. Step 5: Merge your content into the layout • 1

    – 3 days for delivery • The designer will send you the design in PDF or JPG format
  18. Step 6: Print your leaflet • Example • Low

    cost • Good quality • Delivery 7 – 10 business days
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  21. Total Design Cost Leaflet design layout: $6 - $9 Photo:

    $5 Designer: $10 = $21 to $24
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    focus, win more business. Go here:
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