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Releasing .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy

Releasing .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy

Cambridge .NET User Group, 2015-12-07, Cambridge - UK


Tugberk Ugurlu

December 07, 2015


  1. Releasing .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy Tugberk Ugurlu Redgate Software

  2. “RDPing into your server and copying/pasting is not a deployment

  3. Problem Automating the release process

  4. Problem Multiple environments Acceptance v1 v2 Staging v1 Production v1

  5. Problem Environment specific config transformation Acceptance v1 Staging v1 Server1\sql

  6. Problem Manual approval of the releases

  7. Problem Which environment has which version chaos

  8. Octopus Deploy in a Nutshell • Release Management Tool •

    Has agent concept (tentacles) • Runs PowerShell scripts • Accepts NuGet packages as artifacts • Has a plug-in mechanism (Step Templates)
  9. Octopus Deploy for .NET Applications • Deploy Server applications through

    several mechanisms (Web Deploy, FTP, etc.) • Does configuration transformation • SQL Server database changes through 3rd Party tools
  10. DEMO

  11. Resources • From complete chaos to Octopus Deploy Blog Series: • Octopus Deploy Step Templates for SQL Release: • IIS Websites and Application Pools: • Continuous Delivery with Octopus Deploy (NDC 2014): • Step Templates Library: • SQL Release: