GitOps, Jenkins X & the Future of CI/CD

GitOps, Jenkins X & the Future of CI/CD

DevOps is the new legacy. We need to rethink CI/CD with Kubernetes and cloud-native development in mind. Enter GitOps, a new paradigm and set of best practices. Jenkins X aims to implement GitOps in practice, using Git as a source of truth and with built-in automation.

Tracy Miranda discusses GitOps, Jenkins X, and what the future of CI/CD for Kubernetes should look like. You’ll understand why traditional DevOps is not suitable in a Kubernetes and cloud-native world, explore GitOps principles and discover how they facilitate high-velocity app development, and learn how to use GitOps in practice to focus on your app development while using Kubernetes and open source cloud-native tools Jenkins X, Helm and Draft.

#VelocityConf London, November 2nd 2018


Tracy Miranda

November 02, 2018