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Ruby and Programming Contests

Tristan Hume
February 06, 2013

Ruby and Programming Contests

A lightning talk I gave at the Ottawa Ruby Group about writing programming contests in Ruby.

Tristan Hume

February 06, 2013

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  1. What are these "Programming Contests" of which you speak? A

    programming contest is a timed challenge where you are given a number of problems which you must write code to solve.
  2. Programming ContestsMake you better. Make you faster. Make your code

    faster. Make your code less buggy. Make you smarter.
  3. Some Online Contests You Should Try • The Google Code

    Jam. (My personal favorite) ◦ Write it in any language. Run it on your own computer. ◦ Multiple rounds. Win stuff if you do well. ◦ http://code.google.com/codejam/ • TopCoder ◦ Constant online contests with the best in the world. ◦ Get ranked and see how your skills compare. ◦ http://www.topcoder.com • Project Euler ◦ More practice than contest. Highly math focused. ◦ http://projecteuler.net