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The Future?!

The Future?!

Keynote at BSidesSLC on March 20th, 2020



March 20, 2020

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  2. 2020 BSidesSLC Intro & Keynote

  3. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Almost 10k deaths globally

  4. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) 80 known cases in Utah so far...

  5. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/large-events/index.html

  6. The Plan For 2020

  7. I. Virtual Event for 2020 on Friday & Saturday ...

  8. Speakers Schedule on Website: https://www.bsidesslc.org/

  9. CTF Join #ctf Channel om BSidesSLC Slack, Link to join

    slack is on the website
  10. II. Hangout Later in the Year? We plan to hold

    a single day BSidesSLC hangout later in the year, once it is safe to do so (e.g. no virus threat), where we will distribute the electronic badges, & other swag (e.g. Hats, etc...), have a CTF, and maybe have some unrecorded lightning sessions.
  11. III. 2021? If we can not hold this hangout later

    this year (e.g. due to the virus threat lingering), we will honor the 2020 tickets for the 2021 BSidesSLC event.
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  13. The Future?! Keynote

  14. Disclaimer! These are mostly wild speculations based on very limited

    research applied But then applied to the field of cybersecurity!
  15. ? ~100 years ago Spanish Flu ~45M Deaths

  16. The Now CA & NY Locked Down!

  17. What does the future hold? Dystopia?

  18. What does the future hold? Social Distancing is the More…

    • Virtual Meetings • Remote Work • Etc… All become the new normal
  19. What does the future hold? If remote is the new

    normal, we need more … Secure Remote Access Solutions Deployments
  20. More Breaches Outside the Perimeter! Prediction!: More Breaches Outside the

    Perimeter! BYOD becomes much more prevalent, as business fight to stay alive
  21. Zero-Trust! Prediction!: Zero-Trust Gains Significantly More Tractation! Which is awesome

    for cybersecurity folks!
  22. Cloud Focused! Prediction!: More focus on Cloud Security! (Less on-perm/border

    security) More Auditable! More Standardized! More Cloud!
  23. Prediction!: Attackers focus on upstream vendors for more access to

    targets More interconnections between companies, means more opportunities Deep Phishing!
  24. Deep Phishing!

  25. Prediction!: Significantly more fiber cables in the oceans! To support

    dramatic increase in Internet bandwidth More Internets!
  26. Prediction!: More end-to-end encryption! Yes, even the data in your

    protected datacenter networks needs it! End-To-End Encryption!
  27. Prediction!: Deep Fakes Get Insane Mode! If journalist are unable

    to verify anything IRL, we just take the Internet as-is? Deep Fakes Get Insane Mode!
  28. Prediction!: VR Boom! To help provide human interacts w/o risks

    VR Boom!
  29. Prediction!: Value of exploits (0days) rises in VR, as it

    replaces IRL interactions e.g. to be anonymous in a highly monitored future state VR 0days!
  30. Thank You! To our sponsors!